Museum of Traditional Symbols of the Hutsulshchyna

When visiting the village of Mykulychyn Nadvirnyansky district Ivano-Frankivsk region, you should definitely visit the excursion to the Museum of Traditional Symbols of the Hutsulshchyna. The museum has been operating since 2012. Its exposition is located in three rooms of the hut-citizen. Here you can get acquainted with Hutsul household items, clothes, beliefs, etc. In addition, the museum has the opportunity to take part in master classes in cheese making and take photographs in Hutsul clothes. There is also a special room for celebrations or conferences.

You can arrange an excursion to the museum by calling +38 (098) 067-14-91, +38 (093) 711-69-91, +38 (097) 395-78-61.

Музей звичаєвої символіки Гуцульщини

Photo and video of the museum of traditional symbols of Hutsulshchyna

Short review


🗺 Location N48°24’22.3 “E24°36’15.8”
🔰 Base 2012
🧭 Distance from Mykulychyn Side
🚙 Road to Auto and Walk
🏕 Will stop with a tent No
🏡 Housing nearby Mykulychyn
☕ Café and shops Mykulychyn

How to get to the Museum of Traditional Symbols of Hutsulshchyna

 Walking route

🔰 Start Mykulychyn Station
🚶 Walking distance 1.7 km

 Horse rides

🏡 Stop for the night Yes
🍴 Eat well Yes
🐴 Horse riding around the area Yes
📞 Phone #1
+380 ….
📞 Phone #2
+380 ….

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