Entertainment in Uzhgorod

Here are some ideas for leisure activities in Uzhgorod. From simple walks and bike rides to exciting excursions.
And you yourself choose according to your taste and mood.

The temperature in Uzhgorod now
28.9o C | 83.9o F
What to do in Uzhgorod
Go with children to Podzamkovy Park, there are many children’s entertainment in it;
Rent a bike and ride around the center
Or, traditionally, try craft beer.

Despite the fact that Uzhgorod does not belong to the largest cities in Ukraine, there are many opportunities to have fun here. Therefore, the question of where to go in Uzhgorod needs to be covered in detail.
How to have fun in Uzhgorod?

This place is one of the most hospitable. It is located on the border with Hungary, Poland, Romania and Slovakia. A unique European atmosphere has been created here.

Travelers from all over the world flock to Uzhgorod. Therefore, on the streets you can hear Ukrainian, English, Hungarian, Russian or Slovak speech. Nobody feels like a stranger. After all, everything is provided for here.
Where to go in Uzhgorod?

It is necessary to list the most interesting places in Uzhgorod. The choice of vacation depends on the preferences of the traveler.

The current season also plays a significant role. During the warmer months, city sights and beauties of nature are available for adults and children. A tour of the castle, a visit to the longest linden alley in Europe or a walking tour will give you a lot of impressions.

But cultural events are not limited to the season. On weekends and weekdays, tourists visit galleries, the Museum of Joseph Bokshay or Folk Architecture and Life, enjoy concerts and performances, and participate in festivals.

Active rest in Uzhgorod will bring a lot of strong sensations to any person. And local attractions, sumptuous cuisine and the world’s best wine will make everyone happy.

Those who just want to sit quietly admiring the city should just go to a cafe. The coffee here is simply excellent. Over a cup of a fragrant drink, the tourist will slowly look around.
What about outdoor activities?

Every day spent in Uzhgorod will remain an unforgettable memory.

Lovers of walking will benefit from a long and exciting excursion from Sandor Petofi Square towards the Pedestrian Bridge.

Those who arrived in the city in spring will not only walk, but also enjoy a special natural phenomenon. The longest in Europe Linden Alley, 2 km long, is located in Uzhgorod. It was planted by the Czechs during the period of Austro-Hungarian rule. Over time, this flood protection has developed into the most beautiful place in the world. A romantic walk, accompanied by a strong scent of flowers, will make you remember yourself many years later.

Climbing the mountain, health-improving relaxation tours or sightseeing excursions are very interesting. The traveler will not only conquer the most beautiful peak in his life, but will also allow his body and soul to be renewed.

Entertainment for children in Uzhgorod is also not limited to sightseeing. Little nature lovers should be advised to take a walk in the Bozdosh Park or the Botanical Garden.
Extreme vacation

Of course, visiting the museum or walking along the city streets is a must for everyone who comes here. But you don’t need to deny yourself the thrill either. Extreme rest in Uzhgorod will make you experience the most vivid emotions.

It includes:

motorcycle travel;
horseback riding;
fishing, etc.

Renting ATVs will make you feel like a conqueror of the wild. Rafting in Uzhgorod will be an exciting and amazing adventure. And rock climbing is supernaturally extreme.

The joy of conquering the elements is offered both to those who travel alone or with a loved one, and to those who arrived with a company or with teenage children.
Where to go in the evening?

Thus, it becomes clear that in Uzhgorod the problem of where to go in the evening is completely absent.

Under the cover of twilight, it is especially pleasant to relax in a cafe or restaurant, take a walk in the center, and admire cherry blossoms in spring.

Music lovers will appreciate a visit to the Music and Drama Theater or the Philharmonic. Its peculiarity is its location in the building of a former synagogue, which combines features of the Byzantine and romantic styles.

The tasting rooms will bring no less joy to the tourist.

Even if a person is tired of daytime activities, in the evening he is invited to admire the bridge over the Uzh River. From here you can see some of the most beautiful sunsets in the world.
Vacation with children

Interesting locations for children will be:

Mini sculptures.
Monument to the lamplighter.
Hot air balloon flight, etc.
Rope park

It is interesting to visit the People’s Square with a child for its cultural development and entertainment, which is simply transformed during the holidays. No less interesting are the various fairs held here, where everyone will find entertainment for themselves and children according to their interests.
Where to have a tasty snack?

Restaurants and cafes of Uzhgorod, for example, “Stefano” or “Venice”, amaze with the variety and sophistication of cuisine.

Lunch on the summer terraces of the Voloshin and Korzo pedestrian streets will be especially exciting. The smell of local delicacies and street musicians will be remembered on winter evenings.
Where to stay for the night?

It is easy to find accommodation in Uzhgorod. There is a wide range of offers for tourists. You just need to visit the corresponding page of our service. Then those who came to Uzhgorod do not have to think about where the tourist should go to search for an overnight stay.

There are recommendations for finding options both in a block away from the bustle of the city, and in the center. Those who come on business will find for themselves the point closest to their place of business.

Those who have not yet decided what to see, just need to go to our service.