Krasia Ski Resort: 2 tours found

Polonyna Runa (1480) / Polonyna Runa, Transcarpathian region, Ukraine

Mountain trips by jeeps in Transcarpathia from Uzhgorod

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Zakarpattia / Zakarpattya, Polyana, Zakarpattia region, Ukraine

Excursion with a photographer in the Carpathians

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How to get the most out of your trip? Of course, choosing the right excursion program. Excursion tourism has now reached its peak, but continues to develop. Travel agencies and tour operators offer many exciting excursions and sightseeing tours, which can sometimes be difficult for an inexperienced person to understand. So that you do not find yourself in the role of persons led by Ivan Susanin, we decided to focus on the most exciting and interesting excursions, the selection of which, again, was tested on our own experience, as well as on the basis of feedback and recommendations from our users and partners. A convenient filter by type of excursions, method of transportation and attractions will simplify the process of your choice as much as possible.

Why, when choosing a trip, it is imperative to include an excursion program in his plan? Very simple. Because an excursion is not only positive impressions and emotions from what you see, it is new knowledge heard from a professional guide who will highlight the most significant and interesting moments from the entire centuries-old history, pay attention to what you may not notice. The professionalism of the guide will double the impression of what he saw, thereby ensuring the maximum effect of satisfaction from the tour.

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