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May tour to the Carpathians – 2021

Uzhhorod, Zakarpattia region, Ukraine
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3 days / 2 nights

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Specific Tour

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30 people


English, Ukrainian


Welcome to beautiful May tour” Eve “! If nature is favorable, a surprisingly beautiful natural phenomenon awaits you – sakura blossoms in Uzhgorod, and surprisingly beautiful blooming Daffodil Valley in Khust ! You will see other very beautiful natural attractions: the high mountain lake Synevyr, the waterfall Shipit; bathe in thermal pools; enjoy fragrant wines, Carpathian eco-cheeses and delicious Transcarpathian cuisine.

May tour to Transcarpathia, here you will find:

  • Hundreds of sakura trees that bloom with pink and white flowers, which makes it seem as if the streets and alleys of the city are shrouded in pink clouds.
  • Swimming in thermal pools with similar water composition is in France, the Czech Republic, Germany;
  • Tasting of real Transcarpathian coffee;
  • Visit to the sacred temple of the XI century – Goryanskaya rotunda.
  • Getting to know the city’s chip – bronze mini-sculptures scattered around the city center;
  • Alpine Lake Synevyr, which is recognized as one of the seven wonders of Ukraine.
  • One of the most beautiful Carpathian waterfalls, Shipit, whose waters cascade down from a height of fifteen meters.
  • The chairlift will take you to the top of Gimba Mountain, where a grand panorama of the majestic Borzhav Highlands opens from a height of 1300 m.
  • In the Bear Rehabilitation Center you will meet the owner of the Carpathian Mountains, depicted on the coat of arms of Transcarpathia – a brown bear.
  • You will be able to see the amazing flowering valley of daffodils, visit a unique deer farm and even feed these beautiful animals.



10:30 – Group gathering, meeting of tourists at the railway station Uzhhorod with a representative of the tour operator” About the Carpathians “.
Excursion to the historical center of ancient and eternally young Uzhgorod , (if nature is favorable, you will see the sinking city in colors of sakura < / span> ). The streets of Uzhgorod, retaining traces of various styles and eras, lead us, accompanied by the aroma of coffee and the ringing of churches and cathedrals of various denominations through the pale pink haze of Japanese cherry blossoms.
Meet the cute bronze mini-sculptures of the city.
– Visiting cozy cafes and tasting real Transcarpathian coffee. It is not for nothing that they say that Lviv is famous for its cafes, and Uzhgorod – for coffee!
– Acquaintance with the sacred monument of Ukraine – the oldest functioning church of the 11th century.
– Acquaintance with the cult ethno-restaurant “Children at the notary” : history of origin, original Transcarpathian humor, interesting biography of the owner.
– Swimming in the thermal springs on the ranch Golden Mountain.
– 17.00 – return to Uzhgorod. Check-in.


– Breakfast at the hotel.
– Excursion to Synevyr.
– Transfer to Pylypets to the picturesque Shipit waterfall . Along the way, everyone will be able to admire the beautiful mountain panoramas, and hear ancient legends and legends of the mysterious Carpathians.
– Not far from Shipot there is an ascent on a chairlift to the alpine meadows of Borzhava on Mount Gimba , which offers an amazing panoramic view of the Carpathians. The height of the mountain is 1300 meters above sea level, the length of the road is 1600 meters, the ascent time is 15 minutes.
– Lunch in the hut. Hutsul cuisine is recommended for completeness of impressions.
– Excursion to the Mizhhirya National Reserve to the Alpine Lake Synevyr .
– Excursion to the rehabilitation center for bears. It was built in the middle of the Carpathian Mountains in the Mizhhirya region. Its area is 14 hectares. Shelter for thirty bears. Everyone was provided with a personal den, which is no different from the natural one. The dens are dug in the ground, covered with moss and roots. There are several artificial lakes in the center, where bears bathe.
– Return to Uzhgorod.


– Breakfast at the hotel. Check out.
– Excursion to Khust region.
Attention! If the Daffodil Valley is still in bloom, an excursion to the Kireshi tract.
The Daffodil Valley is 257 hectares of small white stars with an intoxicating aroma in the air. Nowadays, natural thickets of daffodils are found only in alpine lуках. They got to the valley of the river Khustets, escaping from the glacier, many thousands of years ago.

If the Valley does not bloom by this time:
Visiting a private cheese factory. Some of the best eco-friendly cheeses in Ukraine are made using ancient technology. Tourists will have an excursion, during which you can learn all about cheese, as well as taste and buy different types of cheese.
Moving to the village of Iza, where you can see and buy unique products of folk craftsmen from the vine.
– A tour of a unique farm in the village of Iza, where spotted deer have taken root. These wonderful animals are so accustomed to people who eat out of hand and willingly take pictures with tourists.
Swimming in the Velyatino thermal pools (lunch in the dining room in the thermal pools).
18:00 – transfer to Mukachevo railway station
19:00 – transfer to Uzhgorod railway station.

The cost of the tour varies depending on the room category:
2 291 UAH / person. – Accommodation in double rooms
699 UAH / person – children under 6 years (there is a place on the bus, no place in the hotel and breakfast in the hotel)

Recommended time of arrival in Uzhgorod: until 10:30.
Information about the meeting: a meeting with a representative of the travel agency “About the Carpathians” near the fountain in the waiting room.
Please provide arrival information (exact time of arrival, train number, tourist phone numbers) immediately after purchasing railway tickets. For tourists who have not submitted arrival data at least 5 days before the day of arrival – independent check-in at the hotel.

The firm reserves the right to change the program without changing the scope of services provided. The time and place of gathering tourists for excursions can be adjusted. Walking tour – does not include transport services.

Documents: infolist for the tour (issued 5 days before arrival), passport, birth certificate for children.


  • May Transcarpathia is already waiting for you!



Uzhhorod is an exceptionally attractive intertwining and center of various European cultures. Here the brightest aromas and tastes, national traditions and religious denominations coexist. Here you can discover the unique charm of ancient architecture and touching mini-monuments. Then, thanks to the diversity of culture and proximity to other countries, before going on a trip you can visit the cozy cafes and restaurants, where it is recommended to enjoy delicious food and delicious coffee.





Shipyt Waterfall



Khust is one of the oldest cities in Transcarpathia. Already in the 9th century. here appeared the first ancient Slavic settlements, which became part of Kievan Rus. Among the unique natural treasures of a magnificent pearl looks like a wonderful ski resort. After sports, tourists are invited to visit the Church of the Annunciation and St. Nicholas, the Gothic Elizabethan Church of the 13th century, the Synagogue of the early last century and preserved old houses with red tiled roofs.

And for

In ancient chronicles the mention of the village of Iza first occurs in 1387. Next to it, archaeologists have discovered 2 mounds dating back to 1-3 centuries. not. In addition, the place became famous for the fact that its inhabitants took part in the Hungarian peasant wars of 1514 in the 19th century. folk craftsmen have once again attracted attention with their stunning wickerwork and now Iza is a recognized center of wickerwork. In 1921, the St. Nicholas Monastery with its church appeared here, where the revival of Orthodoxy in Transcarpathia began after a century of Uniate rule. Nearby is a deer farm where beautiful Manchurian spotted deer are raised.


Після подорожі найкраще вдихнути аромат лип і сакури, відпочити на набережній Ужгорода, прогулятися в бік лісу УжНУ. Відсвяткувавший своє тисячоліття Унгвар кожній людині дарує відчуття своєї неповторності. Тому, відвідавши місто, мандрівник назавжди віддає йому всю свою душу. А спогади про неповторний тур залишаться в вашій пам'яті на все життя.


  • Transport service according to the tour program
  • Accommodation in a hotel in double rooms
  • 2 breakfasts
  • Excursion service at tourist sites
  • Guided tour guide according to the tour program
  • Insurance
  • Railway tickets to Uzhgorod and back.
  • Entrance tickets to reserves, castles, museums - 15-50 UAH / person.
  • Lunches, dinners - op. 100 UAH / person
  • Cheese tasting - UAH 75. / pers.
  • Swimming in thermal pools on the ranch - 250 UAH / 2 people
  • Climbing on the chairlift - 140 UAH / person.




в Ужгороді

Tour's Location

Uzhhorod, Zakarpattia region, Ukraine


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