Church of the Intercession of the Blessed Virgin #157

In Deshkovitsa, Irshava district, Transcarpathian region, in the center of the village at a flat height, stands a church complex consisting of the Intercession church and a bell tower. The temple of the Boyky type was built in the 18th century. Moved from the neighboring village of Silce in 1839. This is confirmed by the inscription on the door frame. A bell tower was built the same year. In 1967, the temple was repaired by local craftsmen. During the repair the roof was covered with a new beech gont, the arches of the loudspeakers on the tower were sewn vertically with boards, and the baroque termination of the tower was covered. The bell tower in the village of Deshkovitsa is one of the best architectural ensembles of Transcarpathia.

For more information, see the Church of the Intercession in Deshkovitsa

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