Ruins of the Dominican Church of John the Baptist #203

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If you go from Beregovo towards Vinogradov, the first village on the way will be Muzhievo. The first written mention of the village dates back to 1232. The population of the village is two thousand people. The ruins of the Dominican Church of St. John the Baptist in 1117 (rebuilt in the 16th century) have been preserved in the village in a village outside Beregova. The location of the ancient temple can be found by a special pointer "architectural sign", which in the Transcarpathian region is marked almost all interesting from the tourist point of view of the place. Ancient Dominican temple was destroyed by Polish troops in 1657. On the walls of the ruins in the 20-ies of the XX century one could see the remains of frescoes. At present, the roofless structure looks defenseless. She recently celebrated her 900th anniversary.

More information on the Klondike blog in the village of Muzhievo



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