A mini-sculpture by composer Bailey Bartok #5

An interesting legend related to this mini-sculpture is presented in her book "Uzhhorod - the world capital of mini-sculptures" by Nadiya Popadiuk. According to legend, after graduating from the Ferenc Liszt Budapest Academy of Music, it was Bail Bartok who first performed his works in Uzhgorod on an ancient and universal organ, which was established in the great synagogue immediately after its opening in 1904. In 1939, this body, weighing 40 tons, miraculously disappeared. Before emigrating to the United States of America, Bartok returned to Uzhgorod in 1940 to say goodbye to his beloved city, and in remembrance of himself on the railing of the riverfront, Uzh fixed his mini-sculpture, which was turned to the synagogue with his back for insulting a unique instrument. In the United States, Bail Bartok did not gain recognition and died in poverty.

More information on the blog The mini-sculpture by composer Bailey Bartok.

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