Ascension Church #172

If you drive along the central road past the village of Repinne to get to the village of Potik of Mizhhirs'kyi district of Transcarpathian region, after a few kilometers you should turn left. There is a legend that, on the site of this village, the Mongol-Tatars massacred local residents. That is why the stream, and later the village, was called Krivachat Stream. At the beginning of Potik village on the hill you can see immediately the Church of the Ascension, which was built in 1936. The present temple is one of the last in Transcarpathia, erected on the eve of World War II. The Ascension Church was built in accordance with the traditions of Transcarpathian Baroque.

More information on the blog "Church of the Ascension in Potik Village"

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