Ascension Church #178

The walk through Vynohradiv should start from its center, where in the square between the streets of the World and Shevchenko is the majestic Ascension Church of the XV-XVI centuries. In the sixteenth century, the church was at the epicenter of the confrontation of Protestants and Catholics. The temple passed from hand to hand and was repeatedly destroyed until it was finally conquered by the Catholics in 1690. Later, the temple was again destroyed, this time by fire, when in August 1717 Vynohrad was captured by the Crimean Tatars for two days. Subsequently, in 1748, at the expense of Bishop Eger Barcozzi, the church was rebuilt and donated to the city's Catholic community. Another restructuring of the church took place in 1889. The architecture of the temple traces elements of Romanesque and Gothic styles with the predominance of the latter.

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