Ferenc Rakoti II mini-sculpture #181

The mini-sculpture of Hungarian national hero Ferenc Rakoczi II was installed on October 24, 2015. It became the second mini-sculpture by sculptor Mikhail Kolodok in Mukachevo. The sculpture is mounted on Pushkin Street. This mini-sculpture is grotesque, symbolic, it is mounted on a column with symbolic rings below. In ancient times, horses were tied to such columns. The place for the installation of the mini-sculpture was chosen not by accident, since until 1945 this square was called Ferenc Rakoczi. Under the mini-sculpture there is an inscription: "With God for Motherland and Freedom". This slogan was popular in Mukachevo during the national liberation uprising of smokers 1703-1711. Ferenc Rakoczi himself lived in Mukachevo Castle, with small breaks, from 1680 to 1711. Here were the best years of his life.

More information on the blog "Ferenc Rakoczi II's mini-sculpture in Mukachevo"

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