Hanukkah mini-sculpture #168

Hanukkah mini-sculpture became the 27th in Uzhgorod. This mini-masterpiece by Mikhail Kolodok was unveiled on the occasion of the Hanukkah Jewish Day on December 27, 2016 with celebrations in the presence of the Consul of Hungary in Uzhgorod Laszlo Vida and the Chairman of the Transcarpathian Regional State Administration. Hanukkah is a Jewish holiday of lights, a candlelight vigil that is lit by Jews around the world in honor of the miracle that took place during the consecration of the temple after the victory of Maccabee's army over King Antiochus's army in 164 BC. According to the legend, when they entered the destroyed, burnt-out temple in Jerusalem, the Jews found a small jug of oil that was sufficient to sustain a fire for only one day. However, miraculously, the fire in the golden temple menorah had been burning for eight days. Just as much as it took to prepare new, purified and sanctified oil. Since then, the trembling candlelight, wonderful aromas, faith in miracles have made every Jewish home a holiday and reminded of the courage and heroism of the ancestors of the Jewish people.

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