Mini sculpture by Allo #159

The mini-sculpture "Allo" was unveiled on September 17, 2017. It was on this day that Tivadar Pushkash was born and 120 years have passed since the telephone connection between Uzhgorod and Budapest was established. Tivadar Pushkash (17.09.1844-16.03.1893) is a Hungarian physicist and inventor of a telephone exchange. In January 1878, in New Haven, located in Connecticut (USA), the first of its kind, and at the time, the only telephone station founded by Hungarian engineer Tivadar Pushkash, was the founder of the construction project. According to eyewitness Thomas Edison Pushkash, for the first time during the station's tests, he used the most popular telephone hello today, which is derived from the Hungarian "hallom", which translates to "hear."

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