Mini-sculpture by Gavril Gluck #137

The idea to immortalize a famous artist appeared in Michael Kolodko back in 2011. It took the whole year to realize the plan. The author has set his masterpiece on a triangle between Vakarov and Podgornaya streets in the very center of Uzhgorod. This sculpture was made in the form of a Willis SUV (GAZ-67), a car that famous artist Gavril Gluk loved to drive. Mounted on a pedestal in the form of a stone block. Gavril Martynovych himself is restored in the car, and there is an easel and a picture of the Lumberjack, which brought glory to the artist. A mini-monument to the artist in Uzhgorod, where he lived from 1947 until his death in 1983, was erected at the expense of his relatives.

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