Mini sculpture by Istvan Dendeshi #176

On August 25, 2019, a mini-sculpture of the Hungarian poet Istvan Dendeshi was opened in Uzhgorod. This event is timed to the birthday of the poet, which took place 390 years ago in Uzhgorod. Decorated it in the form of a pearl. That is why the authors named it Istvan Dendeshi - the pearl of Uzhgorod. This mini-masterpiece was located near the house at: Uzhhorod, Istvana Dendeshi Street, 8. This building in the Radwanka neighborhood is the oldest residential building in Uzhgorod. In addition, it was in this 16th-century house that Istvan Dendesh was born in 1629. The authors of this mini-sculpture were Roman Murnik and Stepan Rusnak.

More information on the blog "Mini Sculpture by Istvan Dendesh"

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