Mini sculpture by Mykola Shugay #158

The sculpture of the last of the Transcarpathian opryshky (a participant of the peasant rebel movement) Mykola Shugai was erected by Mikhail Kolodko on January 31, 2015 on the railing of one of the oldest cafes in Uzhgorod "Under the Castle", at the address of Ivan Olbrakht Street, 3. Hood Nikola Petrovich Sugai (in the Czech language Sugai). His romantic biography became the basis for the creation in 1933 of the novel "Mykola Shugay, the Robber", authored by the famous Czech writer Ivan Olbracht. In 1947, based on the plot of this novel, a popular Czech film was shot.

More information on the blog "Mini-sculpture of Mykola Shugai"

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