Miniature sculpture by Tivodar Chontwari #83

This mini-sculpture was unveiled on March 10, 2016. It became the 27th among mini-monuments of the regional center of Transcarpathia. Tivodar Chontwari has Ukrainian-Slovak roots: he was born on the territory of present-day Slovakia in the city of Sabinov, for a long time lived in Sredne in Uzhgorod, where his father had a pharmacy, attended a commercial school in Uzhgorod. In his memoirs, he mentioned the city of Uzhgorod in one line: "I did not study very much, but in Uzhgorod I was the best among skaters." The brilliant artist Tivodar Chontwari, the great Van Gogh's peer, was far ahead of time in his work, so the sculptor portrayed him on skates as a person rushing forward.

More information on the blog "Mini-sculpture of Transcarpathian Van Gogh - Tivodar Chontwari"

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