Palace of Count Ploteni #196

Earl Nandor Ploteni was one of the most prominent violinists of the 19th century. In 1896, Ferdinand Ploteni and his large family moved into a newly built house in the village of Veliki Lazy, which is a true masterpiece of palace architecture. It was built using neoclassical architectural style. In addition, the palace was surrounded by a magnificent English park in the heart of the village. At various times, he was visited by Ferenc Liszt, Johann Brahms and Edward Belts. It was Belts who taught the young Count to play the violin and they even performed concerts in Europe. Nowadays, in Ploteny palace, as Earl Nandor dreamed, a temple of art and creativity, because it is the Uzhgorod district center of children's creativity.

More information on the blog "The village of Veliki Lazy and Ploteni family"

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