Temple of St. Spirit #150

In the neighboring village of Tishovo village, Kotelnitsa, Volovets district, Transcarpathian region, there is an interesting wooden temple - the Church of the Holy Spirit. The time of its construction (end of XIX - beginning of XX centuries) and the similarity with the churches in Yalovo, Zadilsk and especially in Tyshovo testify that the same masters built this church. The outer difference between the temples is that the church in Kotelnitsa lacks two small towers at the bottom of the roof of the nave. Some researchers refer to the time of construction of the temple to the beginning of the XIX century. In addition, the church has a plaque announcing that this temple is a monument of architecture, which was built in the XVIII century. A similar plaque is placed on the church bell tower, which is also a monument of XVIII century architecture.

More information on the blog "Church of the Holy Spirit in the village Kotelnitsa"

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