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Transcarpathian village Velyatino, Khust district of Transcarpathian region, known for its buffaloes. Velatin is one of the few villages in Ukraine to house these animals that weigh half a ton. Researchers believe that the first buffalo could get to Transcarpathia with the troops of Khan Batu. The largest number of buffaloes in Velyatin was in Soviet times. Buffaloes - great traction. Their milk has a fat content of 4 to 12%. Buffalo milk contains many times more nutrients and nutrients than cow's. It is highly enriched with calcium. This drink is able to excrete radionuclides and treat ulcers, strengthen the immune system, purify the circulatory system, prevent osteochondrosis.

More information on the blog "Buffaloes in the village of Velyatino"

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