Serednyansʹkyy Templar Castle #1

Ever since childhood, I heard about the Templars and about their castle, which is built of different stones, both in size and shape, and eggs were used in construction, they were mixed into the mixture, which ultimately gave an incredible fortress.

Somehow on the weekend, my family and I finally visited this castle, or rather, the ruins.

It is located exactly in the middle between Uzhgorod and Mukachevo, and it was called Srednyansky Templar Castle, because the village where the castle is located is called Medium.

What is the average of?
Well, firstly, in the Middle are the remains of this castle, it is old, as much as the XIII century. The Templars are a spiritual knightly order, founded in the Holy Land in 1119 by a small group of knights after the First Crusade. In Transcarpathia warriors led the white gold of the Middle Ages - salt, which is very rich in these lands. In addition to business, the Templars provided medical care to the local population, including surgery, they had extensive knowledge in the elite area.

Even in Sredne there are wine cellars of several kilometers, they were once built by captured Turks, but this is in a different story.

In the XVII-XVIII centuries, the Templar fortress became the scene of constant clashes during ongoing wars. The castle began to decline. During the rebellion of the Kuruce, the castle underwent serious destruction, after which it was no longer rebuilt. The gray ruins of the donjon tower are the only surviving fragments of the Serednyansky castle. Donjon is the main defense element of any fortress of the Romanesque style. Donjon Serednyansky castle height of 20 meters and consisted of three tiers. The walls of the castle were 2.6 meters thick.

The first two tiers of the tower have survived to this day, the third has been partially preserved. Arsenal and prison were located on the first tier. At the donjon you can see the remains of two lines of defense - a wooden paling and a ring of a moat with a shaft. There is a version that it was alongside this castle that the Templars hid their treasures.

Would you go see the Templar castle and try your luck in search of the Templar treasure?

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