• 4x4 adventures
    in Ukraine

    Adventure holidays far away from civilization. For family, company, friends or colleagues.
    In the words of Ivan Bunin:
    Man happy doing three things: love, interesting work and the opportunity to travel.

  • Off-road travelling
    in the Carpathians

    What is remarkable for trip on a specially prepared off-road?
    1. Faster
    2. More comfortable
    3. Safer
    4. Emotional!

  • Comfortable camping Outdoors

    Camping away from home and civilization, being in a comfortable environment, being fully independent trip.

About our tours

Camping in a beautiful places with comfort and modern equipment

The thirst for adventure, knowledge and outdoor activity - life in motion

Very useful for your mind and health, and it's always blessing for the family. Nature reveals the boundaries of awareness and change stereotypes

We derive from the office, qualitatively

Strengthen the spirit, establish rapport and just have a great time

Expedition to the following countries:
Romania → Bulgaria → Turkey → Georgia
Scoping trip through Crimea
More than five years we have introduced the travelers with "Peninsula treasures" - Crimea. Experience covers absolutely all corners of Crimea. You can get acquainted with our website.

All our tours in the Carpathians and Transcarpathian region

Check out the list of our tours and choose the one that is suitable for you.


Carpathian Mountains - is a colorful countryside. Around only green mountains, and they are so majestic, looking at them, you feel yourself very small and fragile. It's impossible to take your eyes off. Mountain streams and waterfalls, crystal, clear and cold.

In the forest quite common soft green moss, which is like a velvet blanket wraps the trees and ground. Wild berries are not uncommon here, they are very bright and helpful.

Black Sea

Who doesn't love the sea? These people probably don't exist. And if there is, then not on the remote and uninhabited beaches with velvet sand and clear sea where dolphins swim. To get there certainly is not an easy task, but worth it.


Extensive experience and knowledge of the Crimean Peninsula. Hiking and 4x4 tours began in the Crimea and are still relevant today. Crimea is filled with historical artifacts, another feature is you can in the morning to watch the sea from high mountains and during the day have a dip in the sea.

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Camping in the mountains, surrounded by nature and modern equipment


Getting to the point of destination, accompanied by hiking, biking and other expeditions


Services in the selection of the shooting sites for photo and video shooting


Join us on your 4x4. Practice off-road driving


Rent 4x4 and equipment

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