Professional local guides

It is best to get acquainted with the sights of the city or locality using the services of a professional guide.

The Go To Rest website recommends and offers the services of only those specialists who thoroughly know information about attractions, who can lively and fascinatingly talk about each interesting object: a building, monument, place or locality, and answer many additional questions.

Using the feedback and recommendations of our users, the Go To Rest website on its pages offers contacts of guides and guides who have positively established themselves, whose programs go beyond the standard tourist routes. These are real experts in their field, who can organize both a tour of historical sights and thematic entertaining and educational excursions, individual excursions and routes for groups of tourists, as well as suggest the best places for lunch or shopping.

If necessary, on the Go To Rest website you can find the contacts of guides and guides who speak certain foreign languages.
We are sure that your impressions of what you saw will be even brighter thanks to the efforts of experienced guides and guides!


200 Locations / excursions

  • Украина, г. Ужгород


1 Locations / excursions

Эксперт по Закарпатью. Берегово. beregovo

  • Украина, Мукачево

Arthur Vladimirovich

1 Locations / excursions

  • Ukraine, Transcarpathia