Exaltation Church of the Holy Cross - Berehove #204

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The tallest building in the city of Berehove is a church on Ferenc Rakoczy Square. This temple appeared in the XII century. The history of the shrine is associated with a fabulous legend about the foundation of the city. It tells of a shepherd named Sas and his stray bulls. After another bullfight on the bank of the Virke River, where the temple now stands, Sas found a pot of gold on the trampled animal. For this money, a shepherd built a church over the river. Hence the name of the city: "Coast-sass". Batu Khan's troops destroyed both the city and the shrine in 1241. However, in 1370, a new Gothic temple grew in the same place. The old baroque entrance to the church, which has grown into the ground, has survived to this day. And the bell tower of the temple once served as a observation post.

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