Ski resorts

Shayan village-resort capital of Khust

Due to the fact that the resort village of Shayan is almost surrounded by the slopes of the Carpathians, it has a unique microclimate, which is characterized by almost complete absence of wind. The main wealth of Shayan is the sources of mineralized silicon hydrocarbonatnonatryevoy water (such as "Borjomi" and " Vichy-Celeston»)

Krasia ski resort

Krasiya ski resort is a favorite place of recreation for Uzhhorod residents and guests of the region. It is located in the village of Vyshka, in the district of Velikiye Luki, at a distance of 65 kilometers from Uzhgorod.

Winter holidays in the village. Bruise

Now in the village on the slopes of the eponymous Sinyak mountain, there are three tracks of medium and low complexity. The resort's trails are designed for both beginners and experienced skiers. A rapid track of 950 meters and a flat track of 1000 meters are used by adult skiers. The height difference on them is 200 meters. The third track is 400 meters long and has a height difference of 50 meters. The tracks are equipped with two types of lifts: a vertical towbar with a length of 1200 meters and a horizontal multi-lift with a length of 350 meters, which is used for children. Trails are regularly prepared by the snow groomer.

Dragobrat ski resort

The popular Dragobrat ski resort is located at a distance of 18 kilometers from Yasin. It is listed in the book of records of Ukraine as the highest sports facility in the country (height of 1450 meters). The base is located in the eponymous tract on the North-Eastern slope of the Svidovets ridge at the foot of Stog mountain (1707 meters) and Bliznitsa massif (1883 meters), at the junction of coniferous forests and the Alpine zone. Thanks to its unique location, where the horseshoe mountains protect the Dragobrat tract, a unique microclimate has been formed here, which is almost ideal for skiing. The season runs from November to may, and in 1993 it lasted until July 15.

Lazeschina ski resort

Lazeschina, like many other villages in Transcarpathia, is readily used by skiers and boarders. Housing prices in Lazeschina are affordable, and the distance to the famous ski bases in Dragobrat and Bukovel is insignificant. Dragobrat is only 18 km away, and Bukovel is 20 km away.

Village resort Pigeon

It was near Golubin in 1878 that the counts of Schoenborn began to extract water from the springs "Margit", "Luga-erzhebet"and" Pannonia-jofia". In those days, this water was used to treat diseases of the upper respiratory tract, intestines, kidneys and gall bladder, as well as diabetes.

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