Mineral spas

Salty Lake

To get to the unique lakes Salty should go to Tyachevsky district Transcarpathian region....

Kelechin village and its unique mineral water

Kelechin is known for being the birthplace of the first President of the Carpathian Ukraine, Augustin Voloshin. In the village there is a memorial plaque dedicated to an outstanding countryman. In addition, there are plans to build a Museum dedicated to him. Not far from the village is a unique source of natural sparkling mineral water "Kelechin". This water is used in the treatment of the cardiovascular system, gynecological diseases, digestive organs, and even radiation sickness. There are no analogues in the world classification of mineral waters of kelechinskaya. The locals call mineral water region "bukutamu". It is planned to build a sanatorium based on the unique mineral water in Kelechin.

Shayan village-resort capital of Khust

Due to the fact that the resort village of Shayan is almost surrounded by the slopes of the Carpathians, it has a unique microclimate, which is characterized by almost complete absence of wind. The main wealth of Shayan is the sources of mineralized silicon hydrocarbonatnonatryevoy water (such as "Borjomi" and " Vichy-Celeston»)

Village resort Pigeon

It was near Golubin in 1878 that the counts of Schoenborn began to extract water from the springs "Margit", "Luga-erzhebet"and" Pannonia-jofia". In those days, this water was used to treat diseases of the upper respiratory tract, intestines, kidneys and gall bladder, as well as diabetes.

The village-resort of solochin

The village of solochin in svalyavsky district was first mentioned in 1430. The village has a population of 1250 inhabitants. It stretches between the mountains of Kraha and Tetanic. The name of the village alludes to the saline soil rich in mineral waters. There are more than a dozen springs near the village. For example, at the foot of mount Tesanik there is a hydrogen sulfide spring, and in The belasovitsa tract there is a source of "Volkov kvas", named after the name of the owner of this source in the Austro-Hungarian period, when local water was traded throughout the Empire.

Village-the village soimy

The village is a famous balneological resort of national significance. Treat people with local mineral water began at the end of the XVIII century. Soimy, where two roads converge in Mezhgore, and Repinka merges with her older sister, River. It is from the "conjunction" (confluence) of two rivers that the name of the village came

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