Uzhhorod is located at the junction of 4 borders and borders with countries: Slovakia (literally a couple of kilometers), Poland, Hungary and Romania. Due to the proximity of so many countries, Uzhgorod has a special flavor. They can communicate with you in different languages, both Russian and Ukrainian, as well as in Hungarian, Slovak, Czech and other languages, this is not a problem for locals.

What should be a holiday in Uzhgorod, it is very individual for everyone and depends on the season. For a start, it makes sense to try coffee, here it is really delicious, it is enough to visit any cafe in Uzhgorod.
Stroll through the center, look for mini sculptures, they are all just concentrated in interesting places of the city. And in the spring, be sure to come when the sakura blossoms in Uzhgorod, it’s about mid-April, it’s a very beautiful sight!
In general, there are a lot of interesting places around Uzhhorod, it takes a lot of time to visit them all.

Below we will tell and give recommendations for an overview of the main locations and attractions that are worth visiting.

Temperature in Uzhhorod now:

6.8o C   |   44.3o F

Uzhhorod on the map

Ужгород на мапі

As you can see on the map, many interesting places and attractions are concentrated in the center and near the city center. Uzhgorod is not big, if you know where to go and what you want to see, the main attractions can be seen in one day.

Look at the map of the main attractions of Uzhgorod, there is a description.
 To view everything, click on the map and it will enlarge.


History of the name

The first mention of the city of Uzhgorod was in 1154 in the works of Muhammad Al-Idrisi. On his maps, Muhammad marked the city of Gunkbar (Ungu). Later, the name appeared in Hungarian letters – Ungvar (Ungvar), which means “castle over the river Ung”.


More about the title in the blog

A walk around the city

Uzhhorod is a pedestrian city, it is more comfortable to move on foot or by bicycle, and there are a lot of cyclists here. The culture of “bitsigli” (from Hungarian) is well developed here. By the way, riding a bike in different cities, in the city on It is really very comfortable to ride a bike, sometimes much better than by car.
There are whole communities that gather in groups and ride around the city, neighborhoods or special routes, and there is a place to ride. In addition, Uzhgorod has recently introduced a new convenient way of moving – sharing electric scooters.

Bicycle rental in Uzhgorod

The best way to learn about the city and culture is to take a walk. We recommend that you arrange your walk around the city and look for mini sculptures, each of them symbolizes a personal event in the history of Uzhgorod and Transcarpathia, and they are located in interesting places of the city. By 2021, there are more than 30 sculptures, the main part of which you will find in the blog and on the map.


Mini sculptures of Uzhgorod in the blog

Mini sculptures on the map

Usually, this kind of trip takes a couple of days, and in 2 days you can have a great time, walking among the blooming magnolias and try a great coffee. By the way, Uzhgorod is really the coffee capital, here coffee is delicious in any cafe.
To get acquainted with the cultural heritage of the city, it will take a little more time, at least day 4, but if there is more time in reserve, pay attention to the attractions around, and there are really many. These are cozy parks in the middle of the mountains, thermal springs, castles, tasting rooms and more.

In the spring

Сакура в Ужгороді

A walk around the city on the river is interesting at any time of the year, but the most popular time is spring. At this time of year, almost the entire center is covered with beautiful color and aroma of sakura and magnolias. This most beautiful event usually begins in mid-April, sometimes in May. Be sure to come in the spring, sakura blossoms will leave you with a lot of positive emotions and a mountain of cool shots.

As a resident of Uzhgorod, I and my family really did not get tired of walking along the waterfront, it is very comfortable and interesting, and at any time of year it is beautiful.
In the spring, lindens, sakura trees and magnolias are raging, at this time the smells around are just gorgeous!

 The best time for sakura and magnolias to bloom is from mid-April to early May. 

Due to the fact that the promenade is not far from the city, the entrance is convenient and there are no problems with parking around. Along the promenades it is comfortable to walk with children of any age and there are convenient paths for scootering, skateboarding, cycling and more. There are also many benches and pretty good views around.

The center is really not far, where you can go to eat and warm up in a cozy cafe, if the weather for walks is not very good.

My favorite is the “Cactus”, a restaurant right next to the center and the waterfront. “Cactus” has a “wild west” style with very tasty cuisine and beer with absolutely adequate prices.

The best cafes in Uzhgorod
Цветение магнолий в Ужгороде

In summer

Архитектура Ужгорода

The architecture of Uzhhorod is very similar to Europe, because most of the city’s existence, it was not Ukrainian. If you are interested, you can learn more about it in the blog “Uzhhorod is the pearl of the Carpathians

Uzhhorod is a multinational city, there are Hungarian and Slovak schools in the city, in the photo it is Slovak, it is located not far from the center, towards Calvary.

Adults will be very interesting to walk towards Calvary and climb up, and from there gorgeous views of the surrounding area.

Children will most likely be bored walking around the city, so you can go with the children to the “Castle Park”, and there from the Philharmonic, along the waterfront you can ride a children’s train.

The park itself has a lot of attractions and entertainment, there are cafes, benches and even a stadium with a magnificent view of the mountains.

Entertainment in Uzhgorod

In summer, go deeper into different parts of Uzhgorod, it’s really cool. If you walk on your own, then walk around Uzhgorod – that’s it, you can move away from the center towards Bozdosh Park or banal – walk towards Uzhgorod Castle, and this is the highest point of the city, it more than 200 meters above sea level.

If you have a quadcopter, you can shoot good videos from there, the main thing at the takeoff is not to get into the electrical wires.

Of course, travel more often with families and how to be with children during their stay in Uzhgorod?
In fact, it is such a problem-free city, where it is not scary to let go of a child’s hand and let him run, and most cafes are equipped with either children’s trampolines or children’s tables. Don’t you believe? Check it out for yourself!

 Choose the best cafe for yourself from our selection

The best cafes in Uzhgorod
Ужгородские дворики

In summer there are interesting events, for example, the Uzhgorod Regatta on the river Uzh.
What it is?
Teams gather and the competition is held on specific vessels: from rafts made of bottles, to boats made of cast iron bathtubs and toilets. Believe me, this must be seen live and be sure to bring a camera or video camera, and be located near the pedestrian bridge.

 Usually this event starts in late July.

If you walk towards Bozdosh Park, you can find a mineral spring with natural soda water and a high iron content.

Or in the direction of Pidzamkovy Park, where there is a lot of children’s entertainment, and adults will find it interesting to look at an old and large tree – the Western Platan, its homeland – North America. According to Terletsky V., Fodor S. (1985,91) sycamore sapling was imported from Italy in 1610 by Count Druget(then the Lord of Uzhgorod Castle). This is the original specimen introduced to Central Europe. It is called the “Memorial Tree of Transcarpathia”.

 Diameter up to 1.7 m, height 22 m.

Платан Західний в Ужгороді

In the fall

Along the promenades and near the pedestrian bridge, in autumn there are always various fun festivals:

  • Uzhhorod Day in October;
  • Golden Autumn Fair, October;
  • And the most popular – the holiday of young wine “Transcarpathian Beaujolais”.

Connoisseurs of romance and autumn colors will enjoy the festival of young wine.
The Beaujolais Nouveau or the New Beaujolais, a young wine, is celebrated in France every year on the third Thursday in November. In Uzhgorod – the third week of November.

Festivals in Uzhgorod
Ярмарок в Ужгороді
Адамове дерево в Ужгороді

Walking around the city, you can not miss, right in the center, on Koryatovich Square, a very old Adam’s tree (paulownia). There are not many such trees in Ukraine. When it blooms, it is covered with flowers of delicate purple color, very similar to bells.

Other paulownias grow on Voloshin Street and Svobody Avenue, all of which have different colors of flowers.

Of course, you should not forget to visit Uzhgorod Castle and the museum “open-air museum” next to this castle. And then from there, literally in the 5th minute, the Uzhhorod Botanical Garden was located.

If you are tired of walking or want to eat well, on the same street of Olbracht, there is an interesting cafe, which has been operating since the early 20th century, with good cuisine and delicious beer.

Ботанічний сад в Ужгороді

In winter

Since the city is really touristy, here you can find quite cozy cafes of various themes and destinations. There is a cafe with its own brewing of several types of beer, an excellent dessert cafe from a famous confectioner – Stefanio. Coffee was mentioned earlier, but it is worth remembering that coffee in Uzhhorod is just bombastic!

Пішохідний міст в Ужгороді
Музеї Ужгорода

Uzhhorod is rich in its history, because for 1000 years of existence a lot has happened and there have been many different rulers. Only after the Second World War Uzhhorod became part of Transcarpathian Ukraine.
This means that the majority of the population speaks other languages. Popular here: Hungarian, Slovak, Romanian, Russian and Ukrainian. And indeed almost every resident understands all these languages.

Since the city is rich in history, of course there are quite interesting museums in the city.
Below is the main list of museums in Uzhgorod with links to their detailed description:

By the way, Uzhhorod used to be called Ungvar..

Closer to Hungary is just a great place to grow grapes. It’s no secret that those regions are famous for their winemakers, it’s about the city Beregovo and about Berehiv district. Wine connoisseurs are well aware of Hungarian wines, they are noteworthy, and Berehovo district was not only Hungary, there are still more Hungarians than Ukrainians.

The city on the river Uzh also has its heroes in winemaking, there are whole tasting rooms, where they will be happy to tell you about their wines, as well as hold a tasting.
The photo shows the popular Chardonnay tasting room on Voloshin Street.

The best cafes in Uzhgorod
Дегустаційний зал Шардоне

Uzhgorod from a bird’s eye view