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Mukachevo is a district center in the Central part of Transcarpathia, an ancient city...

Uzhgorod Museum of Fedor Manail

In 1981, the Museum of the outstanding Transcarpathian artist Fedor Manaylo was founded in Uzhgorod. Entering the Museum, tourists will be able to feel the unique multi-faceted talent of the artist, get acquainted with the works that he left behind. His creative heritage is very diverse: paintings, drawings, decorations, book miniatures, and the like. Most of his works are dedicated to his native land. They are called a real encyclopedia of Verkhovyna. The artist also engaged in the cultivation of ornamental melons, which he turned into works of art. He applied various patterns to them while they were still growing. In total, the Museum has more than two thousand exhibits.

Uzhhorod Skansen

During the 1960s and 70s, two dozen wooden buildings of the XVIII-XX centuries were moved from the villages of the Transcarpathian region to the territory of the Museum. This is one of the first open-air museums or skansens in Ukraine. It began operation on June 27, 1970. The Museum is located not only as an " exhibition of achievements” of folk architecture of Transcarpathia, but also as a small independent village.

Transcarpathian Museum of local lore named after Tivodar Legotsky

Local history Museum is the largest Museum in the Transcarpathian region. The Museum was founded on 20.06.1945. Then it was called the people's Museum of Transcarpathian Ukraine and was located in 17 rooms of the former zhupanat. The Museum included departments of Ethnography, nature, and social construction. In June 1946, the people's Museum was reorganized into a local history Museum and moved to the Uzhhorod fortress in March-April 1947. At that time, there were 10,000 exhibits. Today, more than 133,000 exhibits are collected here.

Transcarpathian art Museum named after Joseph bokshay

The first documentary mention of the city is recorded in 1447. Its first inhabitants were probably fleeing peasants from Galicia and the foothills of Transcarpathia. The inhabitants of Rakhov at that time were mainly engaged in cattle breeding and logging and rafting.

Transcarpathian art Museum named after Joseph bokshay

Transcarpathian art Museum named after Joseph bokshay was founded in 1948. It is located in the building of the former komitat administration (zhupanat) - an architectural monument built in 1809 in the architectural style of classicism.

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