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Winter holidays in the village. Bruise

Now in the village on the slopes of the eponymous Sinyak mountain, there are three tracks of medium and low complexity. The resort's trails are designed for both beginners and experienced skiers. A rapid track of 950 meters and a flat track of 1000 meters are used by adult skiers. The height difference on them is 200 meters. The third track is 400 meters long and has a height difference of 50 meters. The tracks are equipped with two types of lifts: a vertical towbar with a length of 1200 meters and a horizontal multi-lift with a length of 350 meters, which is used for children. Trails are regularly prepared by the snow groomer.

Travel to the village of Polyana

At a distance of ten kilometers North of Svaliavas and 63 kilometers from Uzhgorod's...

Classification of Transcarpathian castles

For the first time, defense structures appeared in the Transcarpathian region in the bronze age. Then they were settlements surrounded by earthen ramparts and ditches (Ardanivske, Stremtura (Irshava), Galish-Lovachka (Mukachevo), Borzhavskoe (vary). The best type of defense structures of the middle ages in Transcarpathia are castles of the XI-XVIII centuries. Researchers distinguish two types of fortresses. The first was intended for overseeing the surrounding lands and receiving tribute from them, as well as for constant attacks. It's Mukachevo, Kwasowski, Bronicki, Nevitsky locks. The second type – the castle-guard of subordinated territories: Uzhgorod, Vynohradiv, Royal, Chynadievo, Serednyansky.

Korolyovo village-pearl of Vinogradov Region

The most interesting point of travel to Vinogradovsky district The Transcarpathian region is undoubtedly...

The Village Uklyn

At the foot of Bear mountain, in In Svalyava district The tiny village of...

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Legend of Hust castle

For transfers by the first owner Hust castle there was a voivode Gust. One...

Mini-sculpture by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

The author of this bronze mini-masterpiece is Mikhail Kolodko. He said that the idea...

Legends of the Mukachevo monastery

According to legend a daughter is related to the establishment of the monastery Yaroslav...

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Fairy-tale Beregvar castle

In 1840 the owners Mukachevo-Chinadievskaya dominii counts of Schoenborn in the Beregvar tract are...

Mini-sculpture “Celt” in Mukachevo

In ancient times, famous ancient opponents of the Roman Empire lived in Transcarpathia –...

Mini-sculpture ” Meteorite Princess»

This mini-sculpture by Mikhail Kolodko became the 33rd in the city Uzhgorod. Install it...

Church of St. Nicholas in the village of Rekity

The Village Of Rekity Mezhgorsky district Transcarpathian region is one of the oldest in...

Romantic mini-sculpture ” Kristina Chaki and Miklos Bercheni”

This little memo was opened thanks to the help of the public organization "Pannonia"...

Izki ski resort

The village of Izki is located along the road from Volovets to Mezhgorye, just behind the village of Pilipets. It has a population of just over 800 people. Once the village of Pilipets was not a separate locality, but was a part of Izok

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Міні-скульптура «Мухаммад аль-Ідрісі»

На площі Корятовича біля добре відомої всім ужгородцям книгарні «Кобзар» є ще одна незвична...

Uzhgorod lighthouse – a mini-sculpture “Svoboda»

The author of this, as well as all other Uzhgorod mini-sculptures is Mikhail Kolodko....

Ethnographic Museum “Lemko farmstead»

This unique house-Museum was created in 1985 in the village of ZarichevoPerechinsky district. It...

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«Voevodyno» Resort

there are two routes in voevodino. One of them is 900 meters long and is intended for adults and belongs to the category of medium difficulty. The second track, which is located on mount krasia, has a length of 300 meters and is intended for children. The height difference on highways does not exceed 100 m. There is a rope lift and a baby lift. Arrangement of descents is carried out with a ratrak. The trails are well lit in the evening and at night. Snow in" voevodino " lies from December to April.

Legends and greatness of the Mukachevo castle

Castle cPalanok, the main historical attraction of Mukachevo, can be seen already a few...

A Ghost in love with the Countess wanders Chynadievo...

Severe Chinadievskaya castle with two corner towers, with walls of meter thickness and with...

Gurkalo Waterfall

On the M06 highway (Lviv-Stryi-Uzhgorod), if you turn in the village of Verkhne sinevidnoe...

Kinburn, a family trip

Spending time with your family is always a pleasure. The sea does not leave...

Ethnographic characteristics of the population of Transcarpathia

Before you go on vacation in Transcarpathia, any tourist should get acquainted with the...



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