The village of carlsbad and Borzhava castle

Near the border with Hungarian in Beregovsky district The village of vary is located...

Uzhgorod district

There are many unique landscapes in the territory of Uzhgorod created by noble Hungarian families: Uzhhorod - Laudona Park, Pidzamkovy Park; Nevitske - Wagner Park; Big Lazi - Ploteni Park; Drawing - park in 1848. The area is growing more than 300 species of exotic plants, especially want to highlight the Japanese sakura, cypress, Himalayan pine, pavilion, magnolia.

Uzhhorod Skansen

During the 1960s and 70s, two dozen wooden buildings of the XVIII-XX centuries were moved from the villages of the Transcarpathian region to the territory of the Museum. This is one of the first open-air museums or skansens in Ukraine. It began operation on June 27, 1970. The Museum is located not only as an " exhibition of achievements” of folk architecture of Transcarpathia, but also as a small independent village.

Uzhgorod – the pearl of the Carpathians

Uzhgorod is the smallest and one of the most ancient regional centers of Ukraine....

Klondike in the village of Muzhievo

If you go with Coastal aside Vinogradov, then the first village on the way...

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Mezhgorsky district

The area is rich in mineral waters of the carbon-chlorocalcium type: 53 explored sources. The most famous of them – Simovski, Buckovski, Kolachevskii, Verkhniobystrynske, Kelechynske. The latter's water is used for the treatment of radiation sickness

Transcarpathian wine

The art of making wine in our region goes back to the distant centuries....

Uzhgorod and John Lord

John Douglas Lord (1941-2012) is a world-famous British rock musician, founder of the legendary rock...

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Mini-sculpture of Laborec

Mini-monument to Prince Laborts was installed on may 7, 2016 on ants The Uzhgorod...

The remains of the fortress Wyszkowski

In the village. Vyshkovo is the remains of another powerful medieval Transcarpathian castle's. In...

Velyky Berezny district

The area of this mountainous region of the Transcarpathian region is 800 square kilometers....

Serednyansky wine. History and modernity

The local climate is favorable for viticulture, and already in the middle ages, forests were cut down here to plant vacant land plots with vines. The local wine was first mentioned in 1417. Grapes enriched the region, making It one of the richest settlements in the region. The son of the owner of the middle Istvan Dobo in the XVI century expanded the wine cellars with the help of the labor of captured Turks. According to legend, the captured Turks were so cruelly exploited in these works that they all died. For a long time, local residents called srednyanskie basements not otherwise than "Turkish". Now the total length of the Serednyansky basements is almost 4 km. In the XVII century, middle-class wines were even exported to Western Europe.

The Observatory “White elephant”

From 1936 to 1938, on the Black Mountain (pop Ivan Chernogorsky), at an altitude...

A Ghost in love with the Countess wanders Chynadievo...

Severe Chinadievskaya castle with two corner towers, with walls of meter thickness and with...

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Uzhgorod mini-sculpture of Schweik

Schweik is a world-famous character whose Creator is a Czech writer Jaroslav Hasek. His work...

Winter holidays in the village of solochin

Ski slopes in Solochin located between the mountains of Kraha and Tetanic. The descent is 1000 meters long and 50 meters wide. The height difference is more than 200 meters. All three routes lead to a mountain with a height of 860 m. They are equipped with one tow lift 500 meters long and 2 multi-lifts 300 and 400 meters long. Arrangement of descents is carried out with the help of ratrake.

The sacred river Tisa

The river Tisa begins its journey at a distance of four kilometers from the...

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«Voevodyno» Resort

there are two routes in voevodino. One of them is 900 meters long and is intended for adults and belongs to the category of medium difficulty. The second track, which is located on mount krasia, has a length of 300 meters and is intended for children. The height difference on highways does not exceed 100 m. There is a rope lift and a baby lift. Arrangement of descents is carried out with a ratrak. The trails are well lit in the evening and at night. Snow in" voevodino " lies from December to April.

Legends and greatness of the Mukachevo castle

Castle cPalanok, the main historical attraction of Mukachevo, can be seen already a few...

A Ghost in love with the Countess wanders Chynadievo...

Severe Chinadievskaya castle with two corner towers, with walls of meter thickness and with...

Gurkalo Waterfall

On the M06 highway (Lviv-Stryi-Uzhgorod), if you turn in the village of Verkhne sinevidnoe...

Kinburn, a family trip

Spending time with your family is always a pleasure. The sea does not leave...

Ethnographic characteristics of the population of Transcarpathia

Before you go on vacation in Transcarpathia, any tourist should get acquainted with the...