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Winter holidays in the village of Upper Studeniy

The village of Upper Studenyj mizhgirye district of Transcarpathian region, located in the scenic mountain ranges Beskydy Skolsky. This is why this famous ski resort is often called Beskid. It is located between the town center and then take a shutter for Pylypets at an altitude of 710 m above sea level on the Bank of Studenaya river.

Fairy-tale Beregvar castle

In 1840 the owners Mukachevo-Chinadievskaya dominii counts of Schoenborn in the Beregvar tract are...

Unique village of Bobovo

If from the village Fork move towards the Hungarian border and cross the bridge...

The remains of the fortress Wyszkowski

In the village. Vyshkovo is the remains of another powerful medieval Transcarpathian castle's. In...

Perechinsky district of Transcarpathian region

Perechinsky district is one of the cleanest areas in terms of ecology, not only...

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Transcarpathian kolomyyki

One of the most characteristic song genres of Transcarpathian folklore are ditties. These are short humorous songs. The most common ditties are in the mountain villages of Transcarpathia, especially in the Hutsul region, where they dominate all other song genres. Chastushki-short songs that are often combined in” bundles", a number of performers, usually without a strict plot. It all depended on the situation and the performer. Ditties could be used as accompaniment to the dance, which is called "kolomyika” or "hutsulka". Besides the genre was created by mountain shepherds and woodcutters. Sitting by the fire in the long evenings, they liked to tell different stories-stories, usually with stories about potaybichni forces. Men who possessed the gift of the so-called "Bai" were specially invited to family rituals, where they had to scare away evil spirits and bring good ones. In Hutsul mythology, there are about two hundred demonic entities. Some of them help, and some of them harm people.

Mini-sculpture ” Andy Warhol»

Mini-sculpture of the king of pop art Andy Warhol was installed on December 6,...

St. Michael’s Church in the village of Uzhok

First name of the village Uzhok Of the velikobereznyansky district Transcarpathian region is found...

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Mini-sculpture of a Rubik’s cube

This mini-sculpture was opened in the city Uzhgorod 2December 2, 2014, on the occasion...

Transcarpathian Rums

     Transcarpathian Rums, more than known as Gypsies, they have long lived in the towns and...

Medicinal plant yellow gentian

On alpine in the Carpathian valleys, among the ocean of fragrant herbs, yellow gentian...

Uzhhorod Skansen

During the 1960s and 70s, two dozen wooden buildings of the XVIII-XX centuries were moved from the villages of the Transcarpathian region to the territory of the Museum. This is one of the first open-air museums or skansens in Ukraine. It began operation on June 27, 1970. The Museum is located not only as an " exhibition of achievements” of folk architecture of Transcarpathia, but also as a small independent village.

Temples Of Lower Apsha

One of the largest villages Tyachevsky district there is a lower Apsha (until 2004...

Mini-sculpture Kukoc in the city of Uzhgorod

This original mini-sculpture was unveiled on November 27, 2016, and became the 27th miniature...

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Transcarpathian Romanians

Romanians (self-name-Romin) are a national minority that lives in Transcarpathia in the valleys of the Tisa and Apsha rivers, in the villages of Bila Tserkva, Sredne Vodiane, Vodica Pleiuc, Nizhnyaya Apsha, Glubokoe Potok, Topchino and in the village of Solotvino. These are descendants of Wallachian shepherds who came to the Eastern Carpathians from the Balkans in the XIV century. Most of them eventually assimilated with the Rusyn population, and some settled in the Tisza valley as free settlers and, following the example of local residents, began to engage in agriculture. In the XIV-XVI centuries, the Romanians of the Tisza valley, as Orthodox, were a kind of intermediary in the cultural contacts of the Rusyns of the region with the Balkan Orthodoxy, which is documented both by Transcarpathian literary monuments of that time, and wall paintings of wooden churches of Maramoroshchini. Orthodoxy held its position in villages with a Romanian population until the middle of the XVIII century.

Flower Paradise in Uzhgorod

Seedlings of Japanese cherry, brought to the city over Uzh in 1923 from Austria. Nowadays, cherry trees are distributed throughout Uzhgorod. Most of them can be observed in the area of Galagi. The fact is that in the 1920s and 1930s, the Czech authorities actively developed this part of the city. Today it is the center of Uzhgorod. In the Czechoslovakian period of Glagov was a very swampy area. That is why the local soil was not suitable for many trees. The Czechs decided to plant cherry trees in Galaga, which have successfully taken root in a soft and humid climate.

Fairy-tale Beregvar castle

In 1840 the owners Mukachevo-Chinadievskaya dominii counts of Schoenborn in the Beregvar tract are...

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«Voevodyno» Resort

there are two routes in voevodino. One of them is 900 meters long and is intended for adults and belongs to the category of medium difficulty. The second track, which is located on mount krasia, has a length of 300 meters and is intended for children. The height difference on highways does not exceed 100 m. There is a rope lift and a baby lift. Arrangement of descents is carried out with a ratrak. The trails are well lit in the evening and at night. Snow in" voevodino " lies from December to April.

Legends and greatness of the Mukachevo castle

Castle cPalanok, the main historical attraction of Mukachevo, can be seen already a few...

A Ghost in love with the Countess wanders Chynadievo...

Severe Chinadievskaya castle with two corner towers, with walls of meter thickness and with...

Gurkalo Waterfall

On the M06 highway (Lviv-Stryi-Uzhgorod), if you turn in the village of Verkhne sinevidnoe...

Kinburn, a family trip

Spending time with your family is always a pleasure. The sea does not leave...

Ethnographic characteristics of the population of Transcarpathia

Before you go on vacation in Transcarpathia, any tourist should get acquainted with the...



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