Krasia ski resort

Krasiya ski resort is a favorite place of recreation for Uzhhorod residents and guests of the region. It is located in the village of Vyshka, in the district of Velikiye Luki, at a distance of 65 kilometers from Uzhgorod.

A magical journey to the city of Beregovo

A visit to the third largest city of Transcarpathia, Beregovo, will give you a...

Serednyansky castle of the knights Templar

Sredne is famous for the remains of a 13th-century Templar castle. Serednyansky castle is considered the easternmost Outpost of this powerful medieval order and almost the only castle of the silver land in the Romanesque style. The Templars, who were not only soldiers and monks, but also enterprising businessmen, were brought to Transcarpathia by the white gold of the middle ages-salt, which is very rich in these lands. In addition to business, the Templars were engaged in providing medical care to the local population. They even knew how to perform surgical operations.

Church of St. Anna in the village of bukivts’ovo

Village Bukivts'ovo Of the velikobereznyansky district Transcarpathian region was first mentioned in written sources...

Transylvanian Prince Gyorgy I Rakoczy

Gyorgy I Rakoczy (1593-1648) is a heroic figure in the history of Transcarpathia. After...

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Hungarian patriot Ferenc I Rakoczy

Transylvanian Prince Ferenc I rakotsi (1645-1676) – ruled our region since 1660. He was...

Mini-sculpture “Celt” in Mukachevo

In ancient times, famous ancient opponents of the Roman Empire lived in Transcarpathia –...

Medicinal Carpathian plant-Golden root

Medicinal plant Rhodiola rosea (folk name-Golden root – is a perennial herb most common...

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The founder of the dynasty of Rakoczi – Transylvanian...

Zsigmond Rakoczy (1544-1608) – the founder of the dynasty Rakoczy. From a young age...

Mini-sculpture ” one step away from Europe»

Popular unofficial names for this mini-sculpture are "Mannequin pee" or "Boy with a forelock...

Church of the Annunciation of the blessed virgin Mary...

On a clear Sunny day, you can see The Church of St. Nicholas in the village of Upper Studeniy, located on the slope of a hill. The village of Upper Studenyj mizhgirye district of Transcarpathian region is situated on the Dividing range. The lowest average annual temperature in Transcarpathia was recorded here. The wooden temple made of spruce beams, which has been preserved here, is the most developed type of boykovo temple

Uzhhorod Skansen

During the 1960s and 70s, two dozen wooden buildings of the XVIII-XX centuries were moved from the villages of the Transcarpathian region to the territory of the Museum. This is one of the first open-air museums or skansens in Ukraine. It began operation on June 27, 1970. The Museum is located not only as an " exhibition of achievements” of folk architecture of Transcarpathia, but also as a small independent village.

Transcarpathian Museum of local lore named after Tivodar Legotsky

Local history Museum is the largest Museum in the Transcarpathian region. The Museum was founded on 20.06.1945. Then it was called the people's Museum of Transcarpathian Ukraine and was located in 17 rooms of the former zhupanat. The Museum included departments of Ethnography, nature, and social construction. In June 1946, the people's Museum was reorganized into a local history Museum and moved to the Uzhhorod fortress in March-April 1947. At that time, there were 10,000 exhibits. Today, more than 133,000 exhibits are collected here.

Uzhgorod castle. Legends and stories

Uzhgorod castle is about 1000 years old. At first, the fortress was made of wood. And the walls around were built in 1653-1658, just during the Polish invasion

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The smithy-Museum “Gamora»

In the village of Lisichevo, irshavsky district (mentioned since the XIII century, the population is over 3 thousand inhabitants), the only operating water forge in Europe-the Gamora Museum on the Lisichantsi river. This modest at first glance long one-story building with a wicker fence is a living piece of history. The name of the forge, built in the first half of the XIX century on the site of the old paper mill of count Teleki, comes from the German word Hammer (hammer). Transcarpathians still call big hammers scales. #кузнягамора

Classification of Transcarpathian castles

For the first time, defense structures appeared in the Transcarpathian region in the bronze age. Then they were settlements surrounded by earthen ramparts and ditches (Ardanivske, Stremtura (Irshava), Galish-Lovachka (Mukachevo), Borzhavskoe (vary). The best type of defense structures of the middle ages in Transcarpathia are castles of the XI-XVIII centuries. Researchers distinguish two types of fortresses. The first was intended for overseeing the surrounding lands and receiving tribute from them, as well as for constant attacks. It's Mukachevo, Kwasowski, Bronicki, Nevitsky locks. The second type – the castle-guard of subordinated territories: Uzhgorod, Vynohradiv, Royal, Chynadievo, Serednyansky.

Features of Transcarpathian folklore

Without songs, music and dancing, it is impossible to imagineTranscarpathians. At the same time,...

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«Voevodyno» Resort

there are two routes in voevodino. One of them is 900 meters long and is intended for adults and belongs to the category of medium difficulty. The second track, which is located on mount krasia, has a length of 300 meters and is intended for children. The height difference on highways does not exceed 100 m. There is a rope lift and a baby lift. Arrangement of descents is carried out with a ratrak. The trails are well lit in the evening and at night. Snow in" voevodino " lies from December to April.

Legends and greatness of the Mukachevo castle

Castle cPalanok, the main historical attraction of Mukachevo, can be seen already a few...

A Ghost in love with the Countess wanders Chynadievo...

Severe Chinadievskaya castle with two corner towers, with walls of meter thickness and with...

Gurkalo Waterfall

On the M06 highway (Lviv-Stryi-Uzhgorod), if you turn in the village of Verkhne sinevidnoe...

Kinburn, a family trip

Spending time with your family is always a pleasure. The sea does not leave...

Ethnographic characteristics of the population of Transcarpathia

Before you go on vacation in Transcarpathia, any tourist should get acquainted with the...