Collecting potions and other Kupala rituals and traditions in...

На Закарпатті існувала традиція збирати в день Ivana Kupala a variety of medicinal potions....

Village resort Pigeon

It was near Golubin in 1878 that the counts of Schoenborn began to extract water from the springs "Margit", "Luga-erzhebet"and" Pannonia-jofia". In those days, this water was used to treat diseases of the upper respiratory tract, intestines, kidneys and gall bladder, as well as diabetes.

Legends Didusch lake

Didivska lake is a remnant of the Black swamp Machar, on the site of a former sand quarry. The name comes from the village of Diyda (former name – Dedovo), which is located a few kilometers West of Beregovaya. Old-timers claim that a huge black snake with a long neck and a thick body lives in the lake. Based on this description, we can make the assumption that the diedivske monster is a relative of the world-famous monster from the Scottish Loch ness. According to local residents, earlier during night bathing on the lake, people often disappeared without a trace, and these victims were attributed to a mysterious snake. However, no such cases have been recorded in recent years. In summer, lake Dyda is a favorite holiday destination for Transcarpathians and guests of the region. There is a sailing center on the lake, a cafe and a medical center

The Edelweiss flower is a white star of the...

In Transcarpathia, among the inaccessible rocks of Svidovets and the Hutsul Alps, grows the magic flower Edelweiss, which is popularly called shovkova kositsa, that is, the silk flower. The Latin name of the flower Leontopodium alpinum comes from the Greek words leon – lion and podion – paw, because the appearance of the inflorescence of this plant resembles a lion's paw. #quotedblbase

Uzhgorod castle. Legends and stories

Uzhgorod castle is about 1000 years old. At first, the fortress was made of wood. And the walls around were built in 1653-1658, just during the Polish invasion