The villages of Transcarpathia

Repinnoye village and its legends

In the center of the village, to the left of the highway, you can see the silhouette of a wooden three-pipe Dmitrievsky Church. It was built in 1780 from spruce beams in the style of Maramorosh Gothic. This temple has preserved works of artistic carving of the XVIII century and tempera painting of the XVII century. Unfortunately, the roof of the temple is covered with tin.

Village-the village soimy

The village is a famous balneological resort of national significance. Treat people with local mineral water began at the end of the XVIII century. Soimy, where two roads converge in Mezhgore, and Repinka merges with her older sister, River. It is from the "conjunction" (confluence) of two rivers that the name of the village came

Transcarpathian art Museum named after Joseph bokshay

The first documentary mention of the city is recorded in 1447. Its first inhabitants were probably fleeing peasants from Galicia and the foothills of Transcarpathia. The inhabitants of Rakhov at that time were mainly engaged in cattle breeding and logging and rafting.