Hungarian national hero Ferenc II Rakoczy


Ferenc II Rakoczy (1676-1735) is the favorite national hero of Hungary.

After the capitulation Mukachevsky castle Ferenc II Rakoczy, descendant’s the dynasty of Rakoczi, they were given to the Jesuit Bishop Kollonich. He studied at the Jesuit College in Prague. The Bishop tried to turn the pet into a fanatical Catholic and thus take possession of his rich possessions. In a closed Jesuit school, Ferenc almost forgot his native language, and dressed in German he was born and raised a devout Catholic. However, the time has come and the genes of the dynasty Rakoczy he was awake.

Ferenc was not yet twenty years old when he decisively refused the guardianship of Kollonich and began to manage his own possessions by settling in Pryashev. Over time, he met a neighbor named Miklos Bercheni, a military commander and a political figure. He offered to organize an uprising against the Austrians. For help in the fight against Habsburg Rakoczyhe turned to the king of France, Louis XIV, and began a secret correspondence between them. But soon the Habsburgs found out about this Rakoczy escaped from prison, and this romantic escape finally determined his future fate – he openly became an enemy of the Viennese court.

Rakoczy and Bercheni was hiding in Poland, in the estates of the magnates ‘ Sons, where, disguised as architects even designed the restructuring castle’s. The fugitives were preparing for an armed uprising.

In June 1703, rakotsi returned to Hungary, where he tried to enlist the support of local nobles, diplomatically uniting the interests of magnates and peasants.

On July 7, 1703, the first memorable battle of the kurut rebels took place near the village Long Irshavsky district. The uprising first covered the territory of Transcarpathia, namely the comitates of Bereg, Ung and Zemplin. Already in may-August of that year, the rebels captured Beregovo, Khust, MukachevoandUzhgorod, Pretorius them in their strongholds. Myself the Transcarpathian Ukrainians Rakotsi called the most loyal tribe. In the summer of 1704, at the Sejm of Sechen, Rakoczy was declared Prince of Hungary and Transylvania. In 1707, he managed to completely free the territory of Transylvania from the Austrians.

During the uprising, the residence of Ferenc II rakotsi was Mukachevsky castle, where he negotiated with Russian, French and Turkish diplomats about their countries ‘ participation in the war, but without success.

Soon political and the military situation has deteriorated again. During the uprising, the forces and the resources of cities, trade and crafts declined, and the magnates gradually restored their power. the authorities in the region, the kurutsi peasants were disappointed, as promises to release them from the duties were not fulfilled. All this has led to a depletion of morale among the rebels.

Cathedral in košice
Cathedral in košice

      Part of the Hungarian nobility went over to the Habsburgs. And when in 1711 Rakoczy went to Poland for however, in his absence, the military leaders concluded the satmar Treaty with Austria. a world that was practically a capitulation. Rakoczy this world has not recognized and is left for abroad. He sought refuge in Poland, France, and the Ottoman Empire. Recent year Ferenc II rakotsi lived in Turkey in the estate of his mother and stepfather in Tekigrad, from where in 1906 the ashes of all three were transported to Hungary and buried in the Cathedral Cathedral in Kosice (now Slovakia).

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