1. The information is accepted solely on the basis of general trust, therefore the administration is not responsible for the quality of the goods, as well as for the reliability of the data provided. This responsibility lies entirely with the authors of the ads.
  2. The administration of the service takes responsibility to the advertisers, as well as the persons who use the cases of publication of information for the damage caused as a result of errors, negligence and other circumstances that arose due to the fault of the information providers.
  3. The administration of the service is not responsible for the illegal, harmful actions of other users of the site, for damage resulting from the use of equipment.
  4. The service administration reserves the right to block ads without notifying the author, in connection with the violation and filing of user complaints.


  1. Stirring ads whose content violates the laws of the country of the submitter of ads, as well as a great rule of ethics, morality and morality. In this regard, there are no ads on advertising weapons, poisons, drugs, internal organs, labor books, awards, diplomas, calls for violence, racial intolerance, the spread of illegal activities, discrediting individuals and legal entities, etc.;
  2. Place ads that violate the rights of third parties, as well as indicate their contact details;
  3. Repeat the same sentence;
  4. Place ads in categories that do not correspond to topical ads;
    To place other people’s proposals without the permission of the source;
  5. To indicate the price, which is distorted, for example, if the supply price is reduced due to a bad condition, there is a defect, this information should be indicated in the description of the advertisement;
  6. Place an ad that contains a link to an online resource, as well as any commercial information;
  7. To place a photo that does not correspond to the title and description of the goods, and not belonging to the goods, as well as photos containing telephone numbers, e-mail and links;
  8. It is prohibited to distribute advertising if, in accordance with the legislation, the types of activities and goods subject to mandatory certification, or their production and sale require the availability of appropriate licenses, permits, licenses, certified in accordance with the established procedure.

General provisions:
Information on prices for goods, tariffs for services listed in advertising, which are placed, are registered exclusively in the national currency.

Each author has the right to familiarize himself with these rules.

Service administration reserves the right to additions and changes.