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Water park “Kosyno”

Ukraine, Transcarpathian region, Berehiv district, Koson village, Urochyshche 1a
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The luxurious water park in Kosino is a large complex of cozy pools with wonderful slides. It is located in the village of the same name in the Beregivu region, where the famous healing thermal waters are located. Therefore, now many tourists visiting Transcarpathia try not to miss the long-awaited meeting with this wonderful pleasure.

Description of the water park

The opening of the largest entertainment complex in Western Ukraine took place on July 20, 2021. The total area of ​​the territory is 4 thousand m2. There is a hotel nearby.

For those who came to Kosino, the water park offers entertainment for both children and adults. Own sources of healing thermal waters will benefit people of any age. Even very young visitors are recommended to swim with their parents in the mineral pools. It is believed that people who undergo such a procedure every day do not suffer from respiratory infections in winter.
Vacationers who came to Kosino get the opportunity to enjoy:

  • 3 extra towers;
  • 4 pools, the total area of ​​which exceeds 1,000 m2;
  • 16 slides, the total length of which reaches 3 km;
  • children’s aqua zone;
  • “Butterfly” 25 m long;
  • desperate descent into “Kamikaze”;
  • by the darkness of the 120-meter “Black Hole”;
  • triple “Twister” that intertwines;
  • an avenue of fruit trees;
  • food zone with restaurants of national cuisine;
  • by the “Fifth Heaven” terrace;
  • 5 floors of additional infrastructure.

In any water park, both adults and children are primarily attracted to slides. There are more than a dozen of them in Kosino, and their total length is a huge distance. For those who cannot be frightened by anything at all, there are 3 extra-slides up to 12 m high, 4 slides up to 9 m and 3 up to 6 m high. All of them are equipped with modern safety systems, so vacationers are safe.

The highest of them are “Butterfly”, “Kamikaze” and “Black Hole”. More than 500 m of descent will bring incomparable pleasure to all lovers of extreme recreation of any age.

Infrastructure of the complex

The water park is located next to the Kosino resort, where, in addition to the world-famous thermal waters, other interesting activities are offered. Both accommodation and food here are not a particular problem for anyone.

Visitors have access to:

  1. Aquabar.
  2. Swimming pool with bathtubs.
  3. Hydromassage.
  4. Children’s attractions.
  5. Emerald tank with thermal water, the temperature of which reaches 41° C.
  6. Bathroom “17 steps of health”, where a hot and cold jet blows alternately.
  7. Thermal pool “Golden faucet of health”.
  8. Jacuzzi fountains, including the highest in the world, etc.

The various saunas operating on the territory of the complex will also bring special pleasure to adults.
It is necessary to come to the Kosino water park even for one day. Here, tourists have a great chance to swim and have fun on water attractions.

And bars, a Hungarian restaurant, an establishment with national Transcarpathian cuisine or a food court will not allow vacationers to spoil their mood with hunger.

Therefore, those who visited the Kosino water park leave the most positive reviews. Most vacationers indicate that it is better to spend longer here.

For many, a visit to the complex is really attractive. If you do not want to leave here at all, it is better to stay in a hotel. It is located right in the “Kosino” health center. It is distinguished by an unattainable level of service and permission to use all the services of the center.

Benefits of visiting the complex

The hot thermal waters of Kosino, the water park and saunas are a health and preventive measure against many diseases. Therefore, the best doctors of Ukraine recommend visiting them to improve your condition for many internal and external diseases.

In the light of the current alarming epidemiological situation, you should not be afraid of swimming in the water park. The water here undergoes special purification and is served at a certain temperature, so pathogenic microorganisms die immediately.

Tourists should also visit the new thermal pool, the opening of which took place in 2021. The water here is heated to 45°C and comes from a well from a depth of more than 1000 m.

Many vacationers try to spend their entire vacation here. There is no better option for adults and children. The whole family will gain strength before the new working or school year. And nature, which Transcarpathia so generously gives to people, helps strengthen immunity and improve general well-being.

Cost of visiting the complex, opening hours and contact information

In 2022, the prices for its numerous services of the Kosino water park are fairly moderate, taking into account the fact that the payment applies to everything at once.

The ticket price does not exceed 450 hryvnias for three hours of pleasure and 900 hryvnias for the whole day. A child whose height has not yet reached 1.5 m does not need a ticket. Four children are allowed to travel with one adult.

Benefits are provided for a number of people. ATO participants pay only 300 hryvnias if they have an ID.

In the cold season, the water park is closed. In the summer, the work schedule is very convenient. Everyone will be happy to start their day by going down a steep hill or swimming in a thermal pool. In the evening, you should relax in the sauna or soak in the jacuzzi.

The water park is open from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m., there are no weekends.

Contacts of the complex are available on its website. It is located in Berehiv district (tract 1), in the village of Koson. Contact phone number: +38 (067) 907 55 00.

How much is the entrance to the water park?
The price of an entrance ticket does not exceed 450 hryvnias for three hours of entertainment and 900 hryvnias for the whole day. A child whose height does not yet exceed 1.5 m passes for free.
How to get to Kosyn
There is a train from Kyiv to Uzhhorod. You need to get off at the Mukachevo station. An electric train runs from Lviv to the same station. Travel time is four hours. From the bus station, the bus goes to Berehovo, and then to the village of Koson. The most optimal option is to buy a tour in "Kosino". Then the transfer will be provided by the company providing the services.
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Ukraine, Transcarpathian region, Berehiv district, Koson village, Urochyshche 1a
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