Bike rental in Uzhgorod

Uzhgorod is one of the most beautiful cities in Ukraine. Therefore it is necessary to examine it slowly and the bike will be the best way to get acquainted with the sights.

When do I have to rent a bike in Uzhgorod?

In our catalog you will find a bike rental in Uzhgorod, which offers residents and tourists the opportunity to use the rental.

A bicycle is most often needed when:

  1. The traveler decided to take a closer look at the sights.
  2. The trail was too long.
  3. There was a desire to try it out before buying a similar model.
  4. Friends unexpectedly invited to ride.
  5. Exercise is not permanent. So it doesn’t make sense to buy your own inventory.
  6. You have to use it while your own is being repaired.
  7. After returning from work, it was decided to drive around town and enjoy the view.
  8. If you need frequent travel, you cannot buy personal transportation.
  9. I would love to try the best brands of mountain bikes, etc.

Each bike rental (Uzhgorod) will advise you free of charge about its choice, rules of use and route selection.

The temperature in Uzhgorod now

16.2o C   |   61.2o F

Bike rental points

How to rent a bike

In order to be able to use the rent you have to sign a contract. It contains the person’s data, the model of the inventory they took and the rental period. Then the deposit should be paid.

Rental conditions

Each bike sharing has its own rules that you need to know about. The deadline specified in the contract must be strictly adhered to. It will be extended if necessary, but the decision should be communicated in advance.

Bicycles in Uzhgorod can be rented to people who have reached the age of 14. An adult can rent several pieces and register them for themselves and their children.

Return of the bike

After the inventory has been returned on time, the deposit will be issued in full.

If the bike has suffered for objective reasons for which the renter is not to blame, no amount will be withheld from him. However, the bike still has to be returned on time. Then it can be replaced by another.

If the inventory is not returned by the specified time without extending the deadline, it will be considered stolen after 10 days.

How to choose a bike to rent

To choose the best bike rental (Uzhgorod), a few rules should be followed:

  • A large number of models have to be presented.
  • It is advisable to interview friends and find an article with excellent recommendations.
  • it is necessary to carefully study the rental conditions;
  • You need to focus on the availability of the price of its services.
  • The point is chosen closer to home so as not to return by public transport.
  • It is worth reading reviews of online rentals, etc.

Where to go and what to see

The city has a large number of places to visit. Therefore, the travel locations must be clearly defined.

You can find a list of the main attractions on the website by clicking this link – What to see in Uzhgorod

Then you can plan your route as successfully as possible so as not to miss the most important and interesting places.

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