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The art of making wine in our region goes back to ancient times. The Celts were the first to grow grapes in the Silver Land. They lived on the territory of modern Transcarpathia in the first millennium BC. Transcarpathia’s unique climate favoured the ancient masters of vine. With its warm, sunny summers, mild winters, fertile soil and topography, everything in Transcarpathia seems to have been created for the purpose of planting vines. Later, the Romans brought with them new, more advanced technologies. After the Romans came the Ostrogothic Germans, the Huns, then the Slavs and Hungarians. In the XII-XIX centuries, the Italians and the French brought and distributed selected varieties of vines in our region. In particular, thanks to them, such table varieties as white and red Shasla, aromatic Passatutti, as well as wine grape varieties such as Furmint, Fetiascu, white Bagatore, and Italian Riesling became widespread in our region. All of the above-mentioned peoples have contributed to the development of winemaking in Transcarpathia.

Закарпатські вина

The best wine cellars of Transcarpathia

Середнянські винні погреби
St. Taras Shevchenko, 8, p. Average
+380 ....
Винний погріб «Кельтський двір»
14 Pidlovachna Street, Mukachevo
+380 ....
Винні підвали в скелі сім’ї Урста
Transcarpathian region Berehivsky district, village Bene, str. F. Rakotsi, 206
+380 ....
Будинок дегустацій – Шато Чизай
Chyzay tract, 1, Berehove, Transcarpathian region
+380 ....

Wine cellars on the map

Wine festival

Every year on Old New Year’s Eve in the city of Mukachevo the Red Wine festival is held. Winemakers from all over the region come to the festival to show off their products and share their technologies and recipes. For three days, guests of the festival can taste Transcarpathian wines on the central square of the city and buy the one they like best.

Addresses of famous wineries

🍷 Name of the winemaker 🗺 Location
Tasting room “Chardonnay” Uzhgorod, st. Voloshyna, 18b
Tasting room of Uzhgorod Castle Uzhgorod, Kapitulna str. 33
Tasting room of the Ungrvarsky Hotel Uzhgorod, Elektrozavodska str. 2
Serednyansky wine cellars 8, Taras Shevchenko str., Serednye village, Uzhgorod district
Wine cellar “Celtic Court” Mukachevo, Pidlovachna str. 14
Wine cellars in Bobovyshche Mukachevo district, Bobovyshche village
Wine house “Beregvidek” Yanoshi village, 78 Holovna str.
Wine cellars in the rock of the Urst family Bene village, 206 F. Rakoczy str.
Paraska brothers’ wine cellar Bene village, 30 Rakoczy str.
Wine hall with a cellar on the territory of the Zhayvoronok complex Beregovo, str. Shevchenko, 112
Wine cellar “Nota bene” Beregovo, 37A Vynohradna str.
Tasting room “Old Cellar” Beregovo, 37 Vynohradna str.
House of tastings “Chateau Chizay” Beregovo, Chizay tract, 1
Tasting room of the Soyuz restaurant Beregovo, 112/1 Mocholivska str.
Shosh family wine cellar Kydosh village, 52 F. Rakoczy str.
The wine house of Mykhailo Polichko’s family Vynohradiv, 250A Kopanska str.

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Wine tours

Resorts near cellars for tasting Transcarpathian wines