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Houses and cottages in Vynogradiv

The earliest mentions of Vynogradiv date back to the 13th century, when this small settlement still belonged to Hungary. At that time, in the local dialect, it was called Sevlyush, which meant “grape”. That’s how its current name came about.

Садиби та котеджі у Виноградові

Cottages for rent in Vynogradiv

Cottages in Vynogradiv are always in demand. They provide guests with excellent accommodation, equipped with everything they need and provide the highest level of service. After such a vacation Transcarpathia will always be remembered with special warmth. It is very easy to rent a house in the city, and the cost of rent will not disappoint anyone.

For tourists coming here, the best accommodation option is cottages. Their price is slightly higher than the hotel tariff, but their convenience and comfort are incomparable. For companies, romantic couples and families with children, this type of vacation will be an unforgettable memory for a lifetime.

Houses and manors allow those who decide to stay longer in the city to solve the problem of overnight accommodation. Tourists are offered the most comfortable conditions, and the owners are ready to provide them with everything they need during their stay.

We have many options to choose from in our catalog, so it is quite simple to study them and choose a suitable option. Renting a house in Vynogradiv on a daily basis will not be too expensive. In addition, travelers themselves determine the required number of days, so local cottages are often booked many months in advance.

Tourists traveling in Transcarpathia will find the Go-To.Rest site very useful. He effectively helps those who are going to go to Vynogradiv, rent a house, choose the most optimal conditions for accommodation, find the necessary types of services, study the route in detail and find a great restaurant with Ukrainian cuisine.

Гостьовий будинок «Polychko Winehouse»
St. Kopanska, 250, Vynohradiv
+380 ....
from 830₴/day

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Tourist opportunities of Vynogradiv

Today, the city is famous for its stunning architecture and winemaking traditions.

It is better to choose entrances to it from the side of the highway RakhivUzhgorod or to get here by train from Chop.

Most often, travelers come to Vynogradiv in order to familiarize themselves with its history and sights.

Many also try to visit wineries and taste the most exquisite drinks there. Local artisans invite vacationers to their factories and introduce them to the complex process of making the best brands of wine.

Of equal interest are such sights as the 10th-century Franciscan church and 16th-century monastery, Pereni Palace XIV century, the ruins of Kankiv Castle and other ancient monuments of history and culture.

The temperature in Vynogradiv now:

13.8o C   |   56.8o F

The most interesting locations are nearby

Заказник «Зачарована долина»
The Zacharovanyi Krai National Nature Park in Khust district of Transcarpathian region is home to the Zacharovana Dolyna Nature Reserve,
Руїни замку Нялаб (Королевський замок)
The remains of Nyalab Castle in Korolevo (formerly Kiralhaza), Vynohradiv district, are hard to miss. The hill on which the
Печера тамплієрів у Виноградові
The Templar Cave, locally known as the Sea Eye, is located on the top of the Black Mountain in Vynohradiv.
Музей леквару в селі Ботар
The lekvar museum with a tasting room is located in the village of Botar, Beregovo district. This is one of
Виноградівський замок Канків
If you walk up the path to the remains of the Kankiv Castle, you will see an incredible panorama of
Вознесенський костел
A walk along Vynogradov should start from its center, where the majestic Voznesensky Church of the XV-XVI centuries is located
Палац-резиденція баронів Перені
The palace-residence of the Pereni barons was built at the end of the 16th century. The one-story building was built
Храм Всіх святих
In the village of Shalanky there is a stone Reformed church (XIV century) fortified with buttresses. It was originally a
Успенська церква
At the entrance to the village of Novoselytsia, Berehiv District, guests are greeted by the sign "Welcome to Novoselytsia" with
Хустський замок
Why should you visit the Khust castle? Because this is a place with an interesting and long history. A majestic
Свято-Миколаївський жіночий монастир
The St Nicholas Women's Monastery of Mukachevo of the UOC-MP is an Orthodox monastery on Chernecha Hill in Mukachevo (
Замок Паланок
Palanok Castle, the main historical landmark of Mukachevo, can be seen just a few kilometers from the city. An extinct
Церква «Введення до храму Пресвятої Богородиці»
The luxurious wooden temple "Introduction to the Temple of the Most Holy Theotokos" of the end of the 20th century,
One of the most interesting and attractive places for tourists in Transcarpathia is the magical high-mountainous Lake Synevyr. It is
Бункер «Лінія Арпада» у Колочаві
During the Second World War, the Hungarian government built a military defense line in the north-eastern Carpathians - the Arpad
Етнографічний центр І. Ольбрахта
The ethnographic center of the famous Czech writer I. Olbracht, where he collected national material for his famous works, is
Долина нарцисів
Near the village of Kireshi (5 km north of Khust) is the most popular tourist attraction in Khust district -

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Tours and excursions

Палац-резиденція баронів Перені
1 day (10 hours)
From 700 ₴
дегустаційний тур по закарпаттю
4 days / 3 nights
From 3999 ₴