Manors and cottages in Uzhgorod

Uzhhorod is located in the very center of Europe, next to Hungary, Poland, Romania and Slovakia. Therefore, its multinational atmosphere gives the city a special flavor.

Садиби та котеджі в Ужгороді

Private estates in Uzhgorod and its surroundings

Resting in small houses is considered the best accommodation option, although it is more expensive than staying in a hotel. Vacationers, together with children or friends, enjoy being close to nature in comfortable conditions.

Those who want to rent a cottage in Uzhhorod are recommended to book a room in “Adonis”. It is located in a quiet area near the inn-museum “Detsa u notarya” and the oldest temple of Uzhhorod – Horyanskaya Rotunda. Here, tourists will be greeted by a wonderful sauna, a luxurious garden and a cozy terrace.

The cottage “Near the lake” is located right in the pine forest in the village of Mokra, Uzhhorod district. Guests can enjoy a terrace and a sauna overlooking a large lake.

Many people try to find cottages with a pool. In the green manor “Zhyva Voda” in the village of Strypa, Uzhgorod district, adults and children enjoy swimming in the pool, in addition, there is a wonderful playground for children. There are interesting hiking trails nearby. The well-organized territory is perfect for organizing a barbecue. A traveler who took a pet with him on a trip will be welcome here.

Cottage “House in the mountains” is located in the village Turya Pasika. It offers rooms for daily rent and services of a swimming pool, health center, spa and Turkish bath.

Rancho 555 also provides vacationers with a swimming pool and terrace, and can accommodate a four-legged friend.

The private estate (Uzhhorod) “Forest nut” is located in the village of Orikhovitsa, Uzhhorod district. Here, everyone will breathe fresh air and taste spring water. There are excellent hiking trails for walks. The territory is equipped with a swimming pool, a bathhouse, a gazebo with barbecues and a wood-burning fireplace.

Daily rental of a cottage in Uzhgorod allows you to plan your trip perfectly without overpaying or looking for additional options.

The best housing options

Гостьовий будинок «Adonis»
St. Slovianska, 17, Uzhgorod
+380 ....

from 1200₴/day
Hostel Vulik
Fedintsa Street, 39, Uzhhorod
+380 ....

from 400 ₴/night

All accommodation options in Uzhhorod on the map

Uzhhorod with a large number of attractions

Uzhgorod is a large tourist center with a huge number of monuments and entertainment. That’s why travelers come here to have a good time and join the special spirit of antiquity that is unique to it.

Everyone dreams of seeing with their own eyes the ancient castle, Mustard Seed Lane, ancient churches, visiting local theaters and the philharmonic hall, walking along the picturesque embankments of the Uzh River. Visiting these places will allow tourists to fully satisfy their cultural curiosity.

Families with children and companies of young people are interested in coming to Uzhhorod. But few people manage to put in at least a few days. Usually, people need much more time to get to know all corners of the city, including its best cafes and restaurants of local cuisine.

There are no accommodation problems here. But many travelers are looking for cottages, Uzhhorod and its surroundings can offer them numerous options.

The temperature in Uzhhorod now:

8.5o C   |   47.4o F

Unforgettable leisure time near Uzhhorod

Tourists will be very pleased to walk through the streets, where mini-sculptures are everywhere. They contribute to the study of the city and involvement in its history.

Travelers will enjoy sightseeing tours of Uzhgorod, getting to know Shenborn Park, located on the territory of the resort Voevodyno in the village of Turya Pasika, rest in the village Kolochava or on Lake Synevyr, visiting the city Vinohradiv, as well as a trip to Blue Lagoon near the village of Chorny.

Guests of the city willingly visit the castle or go to Transcarpathia to see castles or swim in thermal waters and tanks. So a romantic vacation for two in Uzhgorod will be remembered for a lifetime.

The Go-To.Rest service offers tourists a huge amount of information about Transcarpathia. Here you can find useful tips, recommendations of local experts and characteristics of any destinations.

With Go-To.Rest, you will be able to taste the best dishes of Transcarpathian cuisine, rent a cottage in Uzhhorod and not miss anything that this fabulous region offers to travelers.

Places for walks and rest

Палац графа Плотені
Count Nandor Ploteni was one of the most outstanding violinists of the 19th century. In 1896, Ferdinand Ploteni and his
Термальні басейни «Золота Гора»
Healing, hot thermal water comes straight from the heart of the earth and enters the thermal pools of "Zolota Gora"
Невицький замок
Once upon a time, a Turkish princess settled in the valley of the Uzh river, "by coincidence" also an evil

Tours and excursions

тур в закарпаття на вихідні
3 days / 2 nights
From 2391 ₴
дегустаційний тур по закарпаттю
4 days / 3 nights
From 3999 ₴
гуцульське весілля в прикарпатті
3 days / 2 nights
From 2740 ₴
nature synevir
14 hours
From 750 ₴
спа тур в закарпаття
2 days / 1 night
From 1491 ₴


Rope park
Uzhgorod, Park of Culture and Leisure Podzamkovy
+380 ....
Bicycle rental "Velofan" in Uzhgorod
Uzhhorod, 9B General Svobody Street
+380 ....
Bicycle rental in Uzhgorod, Retro Bike
Uzhgorod, Mukachevskaya street, 33
+380 ....
Bicycle rental Uzhgorod
Uzhhorod, st. Transcarpathian, 45
+380 ....

Where to eat deliciously

Корчма «Деца у нотаря»
St. Gagarina, 98, Uzhgorod
+380 ....
Бістро-паб «Годинка» в Ужгороде
Uzhgorod, Independence embankment, 2
+380 ....
Vegetarian eco-cafe "Yasne Sonechko"
Uzhhorod, Minayska Street, 6A
+380 ....
Кондитерське кафе Штефаньо в Ужгороді
Uzhhorod, Dukhnovycha Street, 16
+380 ....
Кафе Кактус в Ужгороде
Uzhhorod, 7 Korzo Street
+380 ....

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