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Cafe in Uzhgorod

After visiting the city of Uzhgorod for a full experience, we recommend trying the masterpieces of national cuisine.
The range is diverse, because in these parts there is a rich symbiosis of gourmet dishes. Here and Czech and Hungarian national dishes: “banitsa, bograch, dumplings, etc.”
And all this can be ordered in any cafe, depending on your location. Addresses, contacts and points on the map in full on the site in a convenient way.
For your children there are special dishes in every cafe, restaurant.
In Uzhhorod there are all kinds of cafes, from vegetarian to fast food, and of course national and local dishes.
Pleasantly surprised by the quality of coffee and desserts. Especially famous is the Uzhhorod branded cake , which can please family and friends, this cake is already a business card of Uzhgorod.

Temperature in Uzhgorod now

24.7o C   |   76.4o F

Traveling in Transcarpathia and looking for a place to eat in Uzhgorod? We have made the top establishments. Many of them have been tested by us personally, and some have long been recognized by tourists. This includes the best restaurants in Uzhgorod, cafes and bars. They are suitable for lunch with children, a snack or dinner with friends. We will tell you where good coffee is brewed and where you can save on a business lunch. And of course, do not forget about the Carpathian cuisine. After all, in Transcarpathia you can not try dumplings, lecho, liquor and other special dishes. We will talk about traditional establishments and local exotics. Experience the Carpathians with Go-To.Rest!

Uzhhorod is an ancient city founded in the 9th century. Tourists love it for its ancient history, cozy center and green promenades. In addition, it is known for Transcarpathian cuisine. We will tell you where to eat in Uzhgorod.

A selection of the best cafes in Uzhgorod

Корчма «Деца у нотаря»
street of Karpatska Ukraina, 98, Uzhgorod
+380 ....
Бістро-паб «Годинка» в Ужгороде
Uzhgorod, Independence embankment, 2
+380 ....
Vegetarian eco-cafe "Yasne Sonechko"
Uzhgorod, Mynayska Street, 6A
+380 ....
Кондитерське кафе Штефаньо в Ужгороді
Uzhgorod, Dukhnovycha Street, 16
+380 ....
Кафе Кактус в Ужгороде
Uzhgorod, 7 Korzo Street
+380 ....

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Accommodation nearby

готель ужгород
Shandora Petefi Square, 4-6, Uzhgorod
+380 ....

temporarily closed
emerald hotel
Malokamyana street, 10, Uzhgorod
+380 ....

from 880 ₴/night
Кімната Гоголь 14
вул. Миколи Гоголя, 14, Ужгород
+380 ....

від 999 ₴/ніч

Tours and excursions

дегустаційний тур по закарпаттю
4 days / 3 nights
From 3999 ₴
гуцульське весілля в прикарпатті
3 days / 2 nights
From 2740 ₴
nature synevir
14 hours
From 750 ₴
спа тур в закарпаття
2 days / 1 night
From 1491 ₴
травневий тур в карпати
3 days/ 2 nights
From 2291 ₴
травневий спа тур у закарпаття
4 days / 3 nights
From 3999 ₴
ужгород в сакурах
2 days / 1 night
From 1571 ₴
Дотянуться до небес
2 days
From 900 ₴
three-day equestrian tour to the carpathians
3 days / 2 nights
From 5600 ₴

Leisure nearby

Rope park
Uzhgorod, Park of Culture and Leisure Podzamkovy
+380 ....
Bicycle rental "Velofan" in Uzhgorod
Uzhgorod, 9B Generala Svobody Street
+380 ....
Bicycle rental Uzhgorod
Uzhgorod, st. Transcarpathian, 45
+380 ....

Features of local cuisine

Uzhhorod borders Slovakia, so it is often called the Ukrainian window to Europe. The local cuisine is unusual, it has preserved Ukrainian, Hungarian, Czech, Romanian and other features. Such a concentration of traditions of different countries is a rarity for Europe.

Dishes – business cards of Uzhgorod

In Uzhgorod restaurants there are different variations of the same recipes. Be sure to try and find your favorite!

  • Bograch is the most famous dish of Transcarpathia. This is a Hungarian shepherd’s goulash in a cauldron. It consists of several types of meat, vegetables and spices, served in black bread. Hearty, real bograch is cooked only here.
  • Banosh and tokan are Ukrainian corn porridges. The first is prepared on cream, and the second on water. Served with cracklings, mushrooms and homemade sheep cheese. The most exotic option is cooking on an open fire, as in the old days.
  • Hombovtsi is a local dessert. These are cheese balls filled with cheese, fruit and other sweets. They are sprinkled with sweet corn crumbs, their taste is difficult to compare with anything. It is soft and creamy with fresh fruit notes.


The most popular hot meat dish is bograch, which Hungarians have been cooking since the time of crossing the Carpathians to Pannonia. Bograch – (first course) is a thick mixture of meat, mushrooms, onions, peppers, garlic and other ingredients. It is cooked in a cauldron on an open fire (even the name indicates this: in Hungarian “cauldron” – “bogracs”). According to legend, the Hungarians heavily peppered their dishes during the Turkish wars so that enemies could not eat what was cooked. Turks have not threatened the peace of Transcarpathians for a long time, and the tradition of adding a lot of pepper to food has remained.


The main dishes of both Latin American and Alpine Indians and Transcarpathian highlanders are made from beans, potatoes, corn, cheese and meat. Yes, Hutsuls cook banush porridge from corn, and Italians cook polenta. There are, of course, slight differences in recipes, but their main feature is the ease of preparation and preservation required for long-term storage of the small set of products that can be obtained in harsh mountain climates. For this purpose, for example, the Swiss dry meat and Transcarpathians smoke.

Frogs' legs

The village of Turia Remeta is famous for its French culinary traditions. The village café serves frog legs and turtle soup. The fact is that in the first half of the XIX century in the village were captured French soldiers of Napoleon’s army. Most of them were amazed by the beauty of the Carpathians and our girls started families here and stayed in Transcarpathia forever.

We have named only a few dishes, but in local cafes you will find others: dumplings, perkelt, rokot-krumpli. Recipes are often unique and stored by the owners of institutions, passed down through the generations.
Another local pride is wine and cognac. The fruits are harvested in local vineyards. Local varieties are soft, mostly dessert. Autumn is the season of grape harvest, come here at this time for young wines, or for the celebration of young wine.

Transcarpathian wines

Transcarpathian unique climate contributed to the ancient masters of the vine. In Transcarpathia, with its warm sunny summers, mild winters, fertile soil, relief, everything seems to be deliberately created for planting vines.

Transcarpathian cognacs

Transcarpathian vintage cognacs “Tisa”, “Uzhhorod” and “Karpaty” are known all over the world. Ordinary cognacs “Three Stars”, “Five Stars”, “Transcarpathian”, “Nevytsky Castle” and “Beskydy” are equally popular. Their production is a fairly young branch of winemaking in Transcarpathia. It was founded in 1959 in the village of Velyki Lazy, Uzhhorod district, where the first batch of cognac alcohol was poured into oak barrels.

More interesting cafes in Uzhgorod

Where to try all this?

Here is a selection of interesting cafes in Uzhgorod with local exotics. There are many more, take a walk on the main streets, go to one of the courtyards. There will definitely be an institution with the right atmosphere.

  • Ung County is a restaurant stylized as a medieval inn. Traditional Transcarpathian dishes are prepared here. The building itself is interesting: in these cellars there was a beer hall in the 17th century. You can just come on a tour.
  • The Hungarian courtyard is another historic building. Slightly less ancient – built in 1870. It is located on Kapitulna Street, which leads to Uzhhorod Castle. It is prepared only from fresh local products, no frost.
  • The Alfeld Wine House is a wine museum on the Chapter. There are about 170 types of wine in the cellars, most of them Carpathian and Hungarian.

Maybe something less exotic?

Still, such miracles are more for an amateur. Therefore, we publish a selection of cafes with more familiar food of Uzhgorod, where you can eat cheaply.

  • Cafe Cactus – Corso Street, 7
  • Stefanio Confectionery Cafe – 16 Dukhnovycha Street
  • Bistro Pub “Hour” – Independence Embankment, 2

Uzhgorod is worth a visit for lovers of wine and gastro tourism. Restaurants here will be for connoisseurs of different cuisines, and everything will be prepared sensibly, according to family traditions.

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