Unusual excursions in Mukachevo and its surroundings

Our site offers a wide variety of amazing guided tours designed by local experts. Tourists will be able to take part in walking tours through the most interesting corners of Mukachevo, where they will look into the most curious corners of the city. Bus and car tours are also recommended for travelers. No one will be left indifferent either by outdoor recreation or an adventure in jeeps. Excursion tours from Mukachevo will remain a vivid memory for a lifetime.

Temperature in Mukachevo now

8.8o C   |   47.8o F

Local experts and guides

Chatting with locals will make your trip easier and save you money. A local expert will be able to tell you where to stay, in a hotel or in the private sector. You can learn about excursions and interesting places worth seeing and visiting. Well, the most delicious places in Mukachev
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Trip to Mukachevo

This direction is one of the most popular in Transcarpathia. The city is very beautiful, and its sights make it even more beautiful. For the first time they began to talk about him from the 14th century. But scientists have proved that the settlement existed already in the Paleolithic period.

It is not surprising that the number of interesting places in Mukachevo is innumerable. Therefore, from the many tours, most travelers choose it. Memories of cozy cafes, familiarization with ancient legends and walks along the mysterious streets of the city will remain bright moments of life.

The flow of tourists to the city does not dry out all year round. Hiking tours are available in any season, and in addition to visiting the sights, it is proposed to taste Carpathian dishes and have a great time in nature. Active rest in Mukachevo both in winter and in summer includes a large number of exciting trips.

Variety of tours

Our site has a large number of perfectly designed routes around the city and its outskirts. Their peculiarity is that different national traditions have merged here. Therefore, holidays with children in Mukachevo are always in demand, as parents want their child to join the culture of their country.

In addition, any traveler will be able not only to relax and see the sights, but also to go on health one-day tours from Mukachevo. Many of them lead outside the city, so travelers will have a chance to get acquainted with small settlements in its vicinity, nature and the territory of the region as a whole. Fans of outdoor activities are offered a variety of romantic and exciting excursions from Mukachevo across Transcarpathia.

Excursions to Mukachevo

There are many attractions here, so a huge number of interesting routes have been laid in the city and its environs. Tourists just need to visit Palanok Castle, monasteries, cathedrals, town hall and other equally remarkable points. But it is better to choose routes, especially daily ones, not on your own, but on the advice of professionals. The most interesting of them are presented on our site.

Bus tours from Mukachevo are created by experienced specialists in the field of tourism, so they will not leave indifferent either adults or children.
The most exciting destinations are:

  • Climbing Hoverla.
  • Drive to Synevyr.
  • Traveling with a photographer in the Carpathians.
  • Tour to Kolochava with a visit to the geyser.
  • Excursions to the ancient castles of Transcarpathia and Mukachevo, etc.

The most striking sights

Excursions around Mukachevo are of interest to both residents of our country and foreign tourists.
Everyone should visit Palanok Castle, located on a hill with a stunning panorama.
It is no less important for a traveler to climb Mount Lovachka to ride a swing at heights and take a look around the whole city.
A walk around Mukachevo will certainly lead to an art school located in the former estate of the Rakoczi counts, the atmosphere of which it retains to this day.
It is recommended that you familiarize yourself with the full list of the main attractions using this link.

Summer holiday features

Summer tours to Mukachevo are very intense, so those who come with the onset of the warm season will not regret it. Tourists are especially attracted by outdoor activities, so professionals have developed the most interesting weekly walking tours to get acquainted with rare places.

Hikes with a visit to the most stunning natural formations of Transcarpathia are no less exciting.

Features of winter recreation

Do not think that it is better to postpone travel in winter. There is much in Mukachevo that needs to be viewed from a different angle, getting no less complete pleasure than in the warm season. The palace of the princes Rakoczi, the monument to Cyril and Methodius, a walk through the central part of the city or St. Nicholas Monastery are beautiful, regardless of the temperature outside the window. The city’s museums are located close to each other, so in winter tourists will not have to move around a lot.

How to get to Mukachevo

From major cities of Ukraine, it is better to go by train. Direct routes lead from:

  • Vinnytsia;
  • Kiev;
  • Lviv;
  • Odessa;
  • Poltava;
  • Ternopil;
  • Kharkov;
  • Khmelnitsky.

Those traveling from other cities will have to change trains in Kiev or Lviv.
A bus from Lviv, Chernivtsi, Ivano-Frankivsk, Lutsk or Uzhgorod will take travelers directly to the desired place. For those traveling with children, this option is preferable.
For those who prefer to travel with convenience, we recommend a transfer from private carriers, which have the widest range of routes, which are suggested to be explored by the link.

Where to stay in Mukachevo

There is a large selection of housing in the city, both expensive and cheap. The specified link is used to go to the page for choosing an option.