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Mukachevo is a small (area 27 km2), but very ancient Transcarpathian city on the river Latorytsia. It has its official biography from the 9th century, but experts have reliably confirmed its even older history.

It is proved that the Celts originally lived here. In the 14th century Queen Elizabeth of Hungary gave the settlement a special status associated with the name of its patron Saint Martin. This step laid further international, historical and cultural advantages of Mukachevo.

In the future, the rules here:

  • Austrians;
  • Hungarians;
  • Czechoslovak authorities;
  • Carpathian Ukraine;
  • Hungarians again;
  • Germans;
  • Communists of the USSR;
  • independent Ukraine.
Карта Мукачевского района

Therefore, it is no coincidence that the city has become a recognized international center of road and rail services. From here it is equally easy to get to Vienna and Prague or Rome. That is why nowadays Mukachevo is a tourist Mecca of Western Ukraine.

There is always something to see in any season, in the warm or cold season. In the city you can always find where to rest, where to go and what to see. For those who have not yet fully mastered here, it is better to contact Go-To.Rest.

The temperature in Mukachevo now:

17.7o C   |   63.8o F

Mukachevo on the map

Here you will learn about local tourism and tips for every traveler on the best places to visit. In the presented scheme it is easy to notice that both in the center, and on vicinities there is a huge number of sights.

If desired, much of what is in Mukachevo, you can see in 1 day or visit for a certain amount of time. Since the city is not very big, it is better to plan your route in advance and then just enjoy the view of local beauty.

It is best to preview the sights of Mukachevo on the map. The city is a very interesting tourist center, where every traveler will learn a lot of new and useful things.

In addition to recreation and sightseeing, it is definitely worth taking part in wellness treatments and trying yourself out during active entertainment. For their fans are offered romantic excursions full of extreme emotions.

Therefore, along with thoughts about what to bring from Mukachevo, it is necessary to think about memorable photos, unforgettable memories and vivid impressions. Explore new tourist routes with Go-To.Rest!

History of the name Mukachevo

Река Латорица в Мукачево

There are no reliable data on the origin of the name of the city in official sources. But there are no less valuable opinions of historians and locals. Some of them are convinced that the settlement is named after the Hungarian word “Munkas”, which translates as worker.

Indigenous people are more inclined to believe that the name of their native land was given by the river Latorytsya, where there were many water mills. A large amount of flour, which they gave, and formed the basis of the name “Mukachevo”. There is another version that the name of the city comes from the laborious process of building a castle which has become a real “torment” for locals.

A walk around Mukachevo

A beautiful, full of charm city harmoniously combines modern trends and antiquity, European style and color of Transcarpathia, fusing together the traditions and customs of different peoples.

Particularly noteworthy is the central part, which has a huge number of attractions. The pedestrian zone seems to be specially created for leisurely walks, serving to get acquainted with the history and culture of Mukachevo. Travelers will enjoy exploring its winding streets and exploring its most secret corners. Most tourists use a bicycle, which can be rented at the link.

Bicycle rental in Mukachevo

And full of local flavor cafes hospitably open their doors to restore the strength of tired travelers.

The most important points to visit are scattered throughout the city and an inexperienced tourist will have to try to see them all, so if he arrived for a short period of time, it is better to use light transport. However, you do not need to be upset. Mukachevo is not too long and if you want to see it is quite simple. On our site you can find a perfectly built walking route, which takes into account the distance of objects from each other and the convenience of moving from one point to another.

Therefore, using our service, no traveler will pass by:

Mini sculptures

Мини скульптуры Мукачево

The electric scooter allows to move from one location to another with the least loss of time. Otherwise, it will take several days to fully inspect everything that deserves the most careful attention.

And what is interesting nearby?

Transcarpathia is a region where you will not be bored. It is very rich in beautiful nature, monuments, historical monuments and cultural sites. The surroundings of Mukachevo are no less attractive. There are dense forests, mighty mountains, clear lakes and rivers or lush flowering meadows.

If the city has a lot of tourists, you should just go outside to enjoy cognitive tourism or spend time on active recreation on the rivers Latorica or Tisza. It is offered to get acquainted in more detail with all offers by the link.

16 km from Mukachevo is the sanatorium “Carpathians”, in the park of which is a castle full of romance of the Austrian aristocratic family Schönborn. It is believed that inside the palace are 12 entrances by the number of months in the year. Behind them there are 52 rooms for each week, in which 365 windows are made according to the number of days. After all, the locals did not have to be bored and surrender to the mercy of routine.

The park of the estate was specially divided for rest and contemplation. It is dominated by Canadian spruces, magnolias, pink beeches and boxwood. Under their cover is a small pond, which is a miniature map of Austria-Hungary. A guide to Mukachevo indicates that now the sanatorium building is allowed only as part of a tour group, but everyone is allowed to walk outside.

In the village of Chinadiyevo tourists will be greeted by the Castle of St. Miklos in the 15th century, not at all like the previous monument of antiquity. In contrast to the light romance of the Schönborn, there is a gloomy atmosphere of the ancient fortress. In ancient times, it housed the prince’s throne, so its atmosphere is filled with ancient legends, and the walls and floors are full of secret passages. Until recently, the building was slowly collapsing, but it was rented by art specialist Josip Bartosz. He completely restored it on his own with the funds raised through patronage and the sale of his paintings.


Винний погріб «Кельтський двір»
14 Pidlovachna Street, Mukachevo
+380 ....
Аквапарк «Карпатія»
St. Dukhnovycha, 89, Mukachevo
+380 ....


Міні-скульптура «Кельт» в Мукачеві
The mini-sculpture "Celt" was installed in Mukachevo on 17 March 2015. Its author is Mykhailo Kolodko. The mini-sculpture was a
Свято-Дмитрівська церква
In the villages of the Mukachevo district, as well as in other plain villages of the region, almost no wooden
Міні-скульптура Ференц Ракоці ІІ
The mini-sculpture of the Hungarian national hero Ferenc Rakoczy II was installed on October 24, 2015. It became the second
Міні-скульптура Ілона Зріні та Імре Текелі
On May 18, 2016, the third mini-sculpture was officially opened in Mukachevo. It was dedicated to Ilona Zrina, the heroine
Невицький замок
Once upon a time, a Turkish princess settled in the valley of the Uzh river, "by coincidence" also an evil
Дегустаційний зал «Медовий дім»
In 2010, the Honey House tasting hall was opened by the family of beekeepers Ludmila and Viktor Peresta as part
Покровський чоловічий монастир
The Pokrovsky Monastery is located in the village of Rakoshino, Mukachevo District, Zakarpattia Oblast, not far from the city of
Замок «Сент-Міклош» (Чинадіївський)
The austere Chynadiyevo castle with two corner towers, with meter-thick walls and mysterious dungeons, was built in the 14th century
Палац графів Шенборнів (замок Берегвар)
In 1840, the owners of the Mukachevo-Chinadiyovo dominion, the Counts Schönborn, built a wooden house in the Berehvar tract as
Свято-Миколаївський жіночий монастир
The St Nicholas Women's Monastery of Mukachevo of the UOC-MP is an Orthodox monastery on Chernecha Hill in Mukachevo (
Кафедральний собор Святого Мартіна
On the coat of arms of the second largest city in Transcarpathia, there is an image of St. Martin, who
Замок Паланок
Palanok Castle, the main historical landmark of Mukachevo, can be seen just a few kilometers from the city. An extinct
Палац князів Ракоці (Білий дім)
The Palace of the Rakoczi Princes (also known as the White House, White Palace) is a former palace of the
Мукачівська Ратуша
Mukachevo Town Hall is a three-story administrative building in the city of Mukachevo (Transcarpathian region). It was built at the
Водоспад Шипот
A visit to the uniquely beautiful Shypit waterfall will be no less impressive. It originates from a deep underground spring,

Rest in Mukachevo in the spring

Мукачево навесні

Spring is the best time to explore the local sights. In April, the temperature reaches + 16 ° C and Mukachevo for tourists becomes a real paradise. Both in the city and in its vicinity there are many flowering and fragrant chestnuts, lindens, magnolias and sakura. The flow of tourists becomes especially full by May, as the weather is just great, and there is almost no rain. By July it gets a little hot (+ 27 ° C) and the number of guests arriving falls slightly.

In the spring in Mukachevo, it is especially pleasant to see the Peace Square, which is now named after Cyril and Methodius, in all its details. The architectural ensemble of the square differs in that it does not have a traditionally round shape. In the warm season, it is especially convenient to walk from edge to edge, making sure of the sophistication of its curves. In fact, the heart of the city is more like a wide street.

The square is a great place for hiking and cycling at any time of the day.

Thirsty to join the culture of Mukachevo, they carefully inspect every lane and look into every courtyard. Be sure to check out the main town hall with its luxurious chimes.And then tourists with great pleasure comfortably settle in the neighboring cafes to have an appetizing snack of local delicacies.

The best time for sakura and magnolias to bloom is from mid-April to early May.

The guide to Mukachevo indicates that you should definitely visit the castle Palanok located on the mountain, which previously belonged to the Hungarians. It is always visible from afar, but in the spring, against a clear sky, it makes a particularly unforgettable impression. The architecture of the building bears the imprint of uniqueness, as all its parts are erected in different periods of time and are separate Upper, Lower and Middle complex.

At different times, the castle was a repository of the crown, served as the residence of the Hungarian prince, rebels and revolutionaries hid here. Each of those who captured it built a stronghold, increasing military power. The most famous and powerful owners of the fortress were the Transylvanian princes Rakoczi.

The map of Mukachevo suggests that in the spring it is worth walking to the St. Nicholas Convent, located on Chernecha Hill. Its magnificent green cathedral looks especially majestic. Equally beautiful is the planted area, which gives the place an inspired religious atmosphere.

The monastery has existed since ancient times and is considered one of the oldest in Ukraine. It never interrupted its activities and functioned even during the Soviet period. In April or May you should also visit the cemetery at the monastery and the touching old church.

The best cafes in Mukachevo
Чернеча гора навесні (Мукачево)

Rest in Mukachevo in the summer

Мукачево влітку

In the hot season in the city there is an excellent dry weather, when it is especially nice to walk on it or even go outside. It is recommended to visit the second largest in Europe Celtic center of metallurgy and opidum-settlement Galish-Lovachka.

In the vicinity of Mukachevo, archaeologists have found:

  • tools;
  • smithies;
  • workshops;
  • mills;
  • coins;
  • anvils;
  • weapons;
  • utensils;
  • graters for grain;
  • devices for shearing sheep;
  • utensils;
  • shields;
  • jewelry stores, etc.
Things to do in Mukachevo

Especially nice summer vacation in the shade of forests. It is a pleasure to walk to the monasteries. It is especially important to visit the women’s Dombok and men’s Rakoshinsky Orthodox monasteries. It is also necessary to visit the ancient Catholic cathedral located outside the city Vilkhovytskyi temple.

It is also important to think about where to go with the whole family. A visit to the «Honey House», which is a part of the Honey Way of Transcarpathia, will allow you to get away from the daily hustle and bustle. The Peresta Farmers’ Family Beekeeping Museum has been operating since 2010

Its exposition presents:

  • tools for extraction of raw materials;
  • historical relics;
  • samples of honey from almost 30 countries;
  • models of bees;
  • transparent hive, etc.

Choose the best coffee shop for you from our selection

The best cafes in Mukachevo
Дегустаційний зал «Медовий дім»
Червона гірка (Мукачево)

Travelers will be offered to taste the Transcarpathian honey just collected this summer and to taste freshly aged balm on herbs and mead.

Beyond Mukachevo is the Red Hill with the world’s northernmost tea plantation.

To the north is the Black Forest, which serves as a source of many legends and stories. Tourists will meet with a hand-carved marble cave by robbers, in which they kept the looted treasures from the authorities. The end of their shelter was put by the locals, who did not hope for the assistance of the guards and to disperse the criminals on their own.

It is recommended to walk here only before dark. According to ancient legends, those who disobey the ban will face severe punishment from above.
Of course this event starts at the end of July.

Rest in Mukachevo in autumn

Transcarpathia impresses with its beauty in any season. There are majestic mountains, natural phenomena, magnificent slopes. Delights with its luxury and wonderful decoration of trees. Therefore, it is better to make romantic trips by September, gain impressions that are rare in their emotional stress and take great pictures.

In Mukachevo, autumn is the time for educational trips and adventures, including with children. For those who seek solitude, it is recommended to take a walk in beech forests or parks. Be sure to visit the Shypot waterfall, which in the rainy season becomes extremely flooded, and with the onset of frost is covered with sparkling ice.

Connoisseurs of romance and autumn colors will enjoy the festival of young wine.
Beaujolais Nouveau or New Beaujolais, a young wine, is celebrated in France every year on the third Thursday in November. In Uzhgorod – the third week of November.

Festivals in Mukachevo
Мукачево восени
Мукачево восени

In autumn, without the hustle and bustle, in the absence of numerous tourists, it is convenient to visit the Transcarpathian Nevytsky Castle. It is an ancient fortification over the river Uzh, which opens the way to the pass. The first mention of him dates back to the 13th century. Later, the fortress passed into the possession of the Counts of Drugeti, who rebuilt it in the Italian spirit.

The thermal spring in the Beregovo base “Zakarpattya” with its hot (+35 degrees Celsius) open baths filled with sodium chloride mineral water also remains available in autumn. According to experts in the field of medicine, this composition has a positive effect on a wide range of different internal and external diseases. The cold season does not become an obstacle to visit it, as the pool retains its healing properties without lowering the temperature of the liquid.

If spring and summer are the time of flowering, then the harvest ends by late autumn. November 11 celebrates the day of St. Martin, the patron saint of Mukachevo. Therefore, visiting the church named after him will remain an unforgettable experience of a fun and delicious meeting of the approaching winter.

День святого Мартіна у Мукачево

Rest in Mukachevo in the winter

Those who decide to visit the city with the onset of cold weather will not regret their decision. In December, you will be able to spend a good Christmas vacation, and just visit for 1 day. Of course, one day is not enough to get a complete impression of all the sights. But they will be enough to understand that rest in Mukachevo in the winter differs in special brilliance. In addition, its center is small, so the main locations are easy to see.

Мукачево взимку
Фестиваль Червене вино

From December to March the city offers:

  • New Year’s Eve.
  • Walking.
  • Children’s mornings.
  • Shrovetide.
  • Museums.
  • Visits to theaters.
  • Folk holidays.
  • Christmas meetings.

But winter festivals are especially famous, which attract many guests from near and far abroad. Those who are lucky enough to catch the Red Wine Festival in January, which the whole of Ukraine knows about, will remember such a stunning event for a lifetime.

The meeting of the Old New Year smoothly turns into an enchanting festival, which presents the most exquisite samples of the noble drink from all over Transcarpathia.

The advantage of the festival is that you do not have to think about how to get here. By the middle of winter, raw materials for winemaking reach the desired state and producers want to show off the first results of last season. “Red wine” is held in the park “Victory”, but the celebration covers the whole city. And in order for visitors not to freeze, they are served mulled wine.

You should not pass by the “Celtic court under” the mountain Lovachka. It offers a special festive winter dinner, which emphasizes the romantic atmosphere of warmth and comfort. Once there was a Celtic settlement with vineyards cultivated by them. Therefore, they left their descendants numerous recipes for a variety of drinks. Now a unique hall for tastings of tinctures, cider and ale prepared according to ancient manuscripts has been opened here.

The best cafes in Mukachevo
Кельтський двір (Мукачево)

Gastrotourism in Mukachevo

Everyone knows that Transcarpathia is the center of crossing the borders, cultures and peoples of Europe. Therefore, the city does not have to decide the most important question for travelers about where to eat.

His kitchen is an interaction:

  • Ukrainian;
  • Austrian;
  • Hungarian;
  • Jewish;
  • German;
  • Polish;
  • Romanian;
  • Russian;
  • Slovak;
  • Czech and other national traditions.

Therefore, a large number of festivals are held here, where chefs share unique recipes and share experiences of cooking or drinking. Tourists come here specifically to try the famous local dishes.

Where exactly you are offered to taste delicious samples of haute and traditional cuisine is presented in our review of the best cafes and restaurants in Mukachevo.

Where to eat deliciously

Гриль-паб «Таверна» у Мукачеві
110 Berehivska St., Mukachevo
+380 ....
Ресторан "Козачок"
Chinadievo, str. Dukhnovycha, 106
+380 ....
Restaurant "Decent Gazda"
Mukachevo, street Erdeli, 36A
+380 ....
Bograch Restaurant in Mukachevo
Cyril and Methodius Square 10-12, Mukachevo
+380 ....
Villa Del Re restaurant in Mukachevo
Mukachevo, Soborna Street, 14
+380 ....

How to get to the city and where to stay?

There is no airport here. Therefore, those who prefer to travel by plane, you need to take a ticket to Uzhgorod. But there is only 1 direct flight to Kiev. The nearest international airport is located in Lviv.

It accepts flights from:

  • Dnieper;
  • Kyiv;
  • Odessa;
  • Kharkiv,
  • Germany;
  • Italy;
  • Poland;
  • Russia;
  • Turkey;
  • Czech Republic.

It is important to remember how to get here by train, which is especially convenient to follow from Lviv. Any train from Hungary or Slovakia will pass through Mukachevo station. Transits to Uzhhorod from major cities of Ukraine also arrive.

There is also a bus service to any point in Western Ukraine. The largest number of flights depart from Ivano-Frankivsk and Lviv.

It is easy to find out the whole range of routes on the presented page, and our review of the best establishments will tell you where it is offered to spend the night comfortably.

Accommodation nearby

The most popular accommodation options in the city and its surroundings:

Хостел «Солензара», Мукачево
62 Soborna St., 1A, Mukachevo
+380 ....

from 400₴/night
Готель Кайзервальд Карпати
Karpaty, 1B (Schönborn Castle)
+380 ....

from 1300₴/night
Готель «Аполлон» у Мукачево
Mukachevo, 11B Partizanska str.
+380 ....

from 800₴/night
Готель «Дельфін» у Мукачеві
Mukachevo, 1A Uzhhorodska str.
+380 ....

from 900₴/night
Хостел «Vokzal» у Мукачево
Mukachevo, 1 Vokzalna str.
+380 ....

from 280₴/night
Готель «L&M» у Мукачеві
8 Michurina St., Mukachevo
+380 ....

from 855₴/night
Готель «Червона Гора» у Мукачево
Mukachevo, 1A Chervona Gora St.
+380 ....

from 600₴/night
Санаторій Карпати
Karpaty, 1, Transcarpathian region
+380 ....

from 990₴/day
VIP hostel, Mukachevo
street Peace 66, Mukachevo
+380 ....

from 500 ₴/night
Hotel "Ferdinand", Mukachevo
Mukachevo, University street 58A
+380 ....

from 1750 ₴/night
Star Hotel, Mukachevo
Sq. Cyril and Methodius, 10-12, Mukachevo
+380 ....

from 790 ₴/night

Tours and excursions

Popular questions

Where is Mukachevo?
The city is located 42 km from the regional center of Transcarpathia, Uzhhorod. You can get here by train from any major city in Ukraine (Kyiv, Dnipro, Lviv, Odesa).
Where to go in Mukachevo?
Mukachevo is a very interesting and beautiful city and there are places to go. It is recommended to take a walk in the city center, as well as visit local castles and palaces. On our website you will find a selection of the best locations for recreation in Mukachevo and its surroundings.

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