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Private sector in Shayan

Picturesque Transcarpathian Shayan village is comparable to the best Western European resorts. It got its name from the mountain range that surrounds it, next to which it is located.

Приватний сектор у Шаяні

Advantages of the private sector Shayan

Rest in the private sector of Shayan will be more pleasant if you choose to stay in a house with free Wi-Fi.

In addition, when renting a private estate, tourists are provided with:

  • shower cubicle;
  • kitchen with stove, crockery and electric kettle;
  • all the necessary furniture;
  • TV set with cable TV;
  • iron with ironing board;
  • hairdryer, etc.

Almost everywhere there is a gazebo, swing and barbecue in the yard.

Many travellers seek to rent a room in Shayan by the day. For example, a three-room apartment includes a fully equipped kitchen and beautifully furnished rooms with a cot. The balcony and windows overlook the picturesque natural landscapes. In winter, the rooms are heated to a comfortable temperature.

For the convenience of guests, there is also a shower room, internet, air conditioning, a washing machine, a TV, an iron and ironing board and Wi-Fi. The kitchen always has a gas stove, crockery and a fridge.

You can rent accommodation not far from the centre of the village, in particular near the lake. With this accommodation option, there will be swimming pools, eateries, shops, restaurants and a market in the neighbourhood. Children will be interested in a walk to the horse farm, where they will be happy to go horseback riding.

Shayan: housing in the private sector

Готель «Хорініс»
8, Carpathian Sich Street, Shayan village
+380 ....
from 600₴/day
Садиба «Закарпатський Прованс» у Шаяні
10 Kotekhna str., Shayan village
+380 ....
from 1350₴/night

All accommodation options on the map

A wonderful resort holiday in Shayan

Shayan is located near the Vygorlat-Gutynsky ridge at an altitude of over 200 m above sea level. The village is located not far from the town of Khust, as well as from cities Mukachevo and Uzhgorod. Therefore, tourists are provided with excellent transport links.

The resort is famous for its healing carbon dioxide-hydrogen carbonate-sodium mineral waters. They are intended for ingestion and bathing. The high content of nutrients makes Shayanska similar to Georgian Borjomi or French Vichy-Celeston.

There are sanatorium, but it provides its services at rather high prices. That is why the private sector is always in great demand in Shayan village, offering inexpensive accommodation to travellers.

This type of accommodation is the most affordable option, as the holidaymaker rents a house or room directly from the owners. A guest can rent an apartment or even a whole floor. The main convenience in this case is the availability of a kitchen, which significantly saves money saved for the trip.

The temperature in Shayan village now:

14.9o C   |   58.8o F

What to do in Shayan?

Holidaymakers usually come here to take a wellness course with local mineral water. Hiking in the mountains and excursions to neighbouring locations will bring them no less pleasure. It will be very interesting to go to Veliatyno to his thermal springs, visit Khust with its unique architecture and castle or see the centre of wickerwork – the village Iza.

Families with children will be happy to visit a buffalo farm or a spotted deer reserve. And absolutely all tourists should visit the cheese dairies.

It is best to plan a trip to Transcarpathia Go-To.Rest, which offers holidaymakers a wealth of useful information about the region and its offerings. It is easy to find excellent accommodation options provided by the private sector in Shayan.

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Where to eat delicious food?

Піцерія «Pizza» у Шаяні
Tsentralna Street, Shayan village
+380 ....
Ресторан «Озеро Сілоамська купальня»
1 Ozerna St., Shayan village
+380 ....
Ресторан «Легенда Шаян»
27 Yabluneva str., Shayan village
+380 ....
Ресторан «Ерней Лаз»
14, Carpathian Sich Street, Shayan village
+380 ....
Кафе-кондитерська «Smakolini»
St. Tsentralna, 0, p. Shayan
+380 ....

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