Cafe in Mizhhiria

For those who decided to visit Transcarpathia, one of the most pressing questions is where to eat in Mizhhiria. Therefore, we have compiled a detailed list of the most desirable catering establishments, the menu of which will not leave anyone indifferent. Most of them were tested by us personally, while others were marked by a large number of positive reviews from tourists from around the world. You can come here with children, have a snack between excursions or have a hearty dinner. Our catalog is trusted because only the best restaurants of Mizhhiria are represented here.

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The best cafes in Mizhhiria

Where to eat in Mizhhirya?

Mizhhirya, like Transcarpathia as a whole, is famous not only for its stunning nature and unique monuments, but also for the huge variety of delicious food and the finest wines. The local cuisine is wonderful in that it takes into account all wishes. Therefore, it is necessary to tell in more detail about where to eat in Mizhhirya.

The peculiarity of the cuisine of Mizhhiria

Recipes for local dishes are based on the traditions of various cultures and peoples, as the region has historically served as a fusion of many national customs. Hungarians, Jews, Germans, Czechs, Ukrainians, and Europeans added their unique components to the local diet. So you do not need to travel around the world in search of gourmet dishes, but you should just go to any restaurant in Mizhhiria to taste cheap dumplings, langoustines, liquorice, lecho, perkelt or rocket potatoes.

Every traveler should definitely try it cheap enough here:

  1. Bograch, which is assorted meat with the addition of verbena, juniper and mint.
  2. Hungarian homemade pasta called trade.
  3. Dessert hombovtsi – balls of cheese and corn crumbs, sweets and fruits.
  4. Lecho made of sweet peppers, tomatoes and onions, which will be served in any cafe in Mizhhiria.
  5. Ukrainian corn porridge banosh and tokan with mushrooms, homemade sheep cheese and cracklings.
  6. Czech dumplings made of yeast dough, potatoes, meat and cheese, etc.

These delicacies should be drunk with local wine made from soft desserts, which are famous for the best restaurants in Mizhhiria. And in autumn there is traditionally a holiday dedicated to a wonderful drink.

Kitchen for every taste

The village has bars and pubs, cafes, pizzerias, restaurants of various price categories and, of course, establishments with national cuisine, which must be visited during a stay in Mizhhiria.

The best cafes and restaurants of Mizhhiria

  1. Trembita is prepared according to traditional national recipes.
  2. “Orion” at very reasonable prices offers to try truly huge portions of the most delicious dishes of the peoples of the world.
  3. Pub “Zip” not only allows you to decide where to eat in Mizhhiria, but also to taste freshly brewed beer. Here they cook 3 of its branded types and serve excellent dishes of European and Ukrainian cuisine, the most famous of which is salami “Zipovskaya”.
  4. The restaurant of the recreation center “Kamyanka” of the Synevyr pass is famous for excellent service and stylish interior. Here it is recommended to have a delicious lunch of European, Transcarpathian and Ukrainian cuisine with specialties in the form of tocan with cheese and cracklings or soup with smoked ribs “Dzyama”.
  5. Restaurant “Under the waterfall” is located in the village of Pylypets. It is difficult to find a place where more delicious European and Carpathian dishes are prepared.
  6. “Smerekova khata” prefers Hungarian, Italian and Ukrainian recipes.

There are restaurants in Mizhhiria for all tastes, where it is recommended to eat deliciously and heartily and spend time. And to fully immerse yourself in the color of the region, be sure to visit one of the interesting tours of the Intermountain.