Unusual excursions around Mizhhiria and its surroundings

Active recreation in Mizhhirya (Transcarpathia) is represented by a huge number of different destinations

Features of Mizhhirya

This romantic land is located in a mountain valley among the truly beautiful landscapes. Tourists from all over the world come here, as in nature you can find recreation centers and modern ski resorts. Excellent sanatoriums offer treatment of any diseases, because Transcarpathian healing mineral waters improve the condition of people with cardiac diseases, disorders of the digestive system and skin pathologies. Holidays with children in Mizhhiria are no less developed..

Intermountain tours

On our site any routes with a large number of offers of tourist tours on the settlement and its vicinities are presented. We will tell you about exclusive tours designed for all tastes from local experts. The service recommends choosing the right options for bus tours, jeep trips or hiking in the most interesting areas.

Temperature in Mizhhirya now

13.1o C   |   55.6o F

You can go on excursions in Mizhhiria at any time of the year. The mountain bowl protects the region from high atmospheric pressure and sudden temperature changes. Therefore, there are no hurricanes and other natural disasters. Deciduous, mixed and coniferous forests are spread over most of the district, where a large number of mushrooms and berries are harvested in summer. At this time, the region captures the greenery and the riot of colors, and mountain peaks make you forget about everything in the world. In winter, drowning in the snow, they delight in their majesty and inaccessibility.

Excursions in Mizhhiria

There are many interesting sights in Mizhhiria. Therefore, many interesting routes are laid along it and nearby. On our site there are a variety of offers of the most remarkable excursions.

Therefore, it is better not to plan them yourself, especially walking options, and trust the professionals. They will tell you exactly what you need to pay attention to and advise the optimal route with coverage of the most important points for review. This advice will be especially useful in winter, when moving from place to place is not so easy. In addition, qualified guides know the most beautiful places and tell a lot of amazing facts.

Excursions include excellent tourist options for family vacations, as well as for group or individual tours. Routes are optimally designed, so do not tire travelers, allowing them to learn a lot.

What to see in Mizhhiria

It is recommended to look for the most remarkable excursions on the Mizhhirya at the specified link, which include:

  1. Well-maintained ski resorts Pylypets and Podobovets with fully equipped modern slopes.
  2. Wooden temples in the villages located on the road from Podobovets to Mizhhirya. During their construction, local wood species were used, which contributed to the creation of true masterpieces of architecture.
  3. The most interesting village-museum of Kolochava, which has absorbed all the most significant in the history of the region. Be sure to visit with your children so they can learn a lot about the history of their country.
  4. Unique, which will captivate with its unique beauty Lake Synevyr.
  5. Luxurious waterfall Shipit (Shipot), which originates from the underground river of the Borzhava valley. The jets here fall from a height of 14 meters, delighting many tourists.
  6. A unique brown bear rehabilitation center that helps animals recover and find the strength to return to the wild. Each animal lives in a personal, completely similar to a natural, earthen den, covered inside with roots and moss. Bears bathe in lakes dug especially for them.

Features of summer vacation

Mountain biking allows you to explore the most important natural sites in the region, enjoy the fresh air and gain strength for the whole year.

4×4 car tours are designed not only for brave men, but also for those who want to try their hand at beautiful ladies. Those who will take part in the conquest of off-road, will see the true luxury of the nature of Transcarpathia.

Hiking is available to everyone without exception. Daily routes are designed so comfortably that even families with children and the elderly can easily take part in them.

Features of winter rest

Due to its geographical, natural and climatic features, the area is a center of ski tourism.

Pylypets resort with a network of steep descents allows you to enjoy the speed and join the beauty of the Carpathian Mountains. It is especially popular among freeriders who choose virgin fluffy snow. For beginners, snowboard instruction is provided and a ski school is open.

Podobovets is located on a pass near the Volovets railway station. It is located at an altitude of over 1.5 km on the northern slope of Polonyna Borzhava. Lovers of architecture will appreciate the Baroque wooden church of St. Nicholas built in the 18th century. Next to it is a cross with gospel stories, which dates back to the early 20th century.

How to get to Mizhhirya

A small problem is that it is not so easy to get to the region.

Buses from anywhere in Ukraine do not go here very often and need to be specially monitored.

Owners of personal vehicles should keep in mind that the condition of the road surface in the area has improved significantly in recent years, but not everywhere. Therefore, everyone who is going to make tours to Mizhhiria by car, it is desirable to weigh their strength first.

The nearest railway station is located only in the urban-type settlement of Volovets.

The plane will leave for Uzhhorod, from where you will have to get there on your own.

Therefore, the best way out of the situation is to order a transfer. It is also better to organize any excursions from Mizhhiria to Transcarpathia.

Where to stay in Mizhhiria

It is recommended to go to the page with a selection of numerous offers. Depending on what level of service a person needs and what tools he has at his disposal, it is easy to choose the appropriate type of accommodation on the site. Here it is easy to find a detached or located in the heart of the most important routes house, cottage, manor, chalet and other housing options.

Therefore, you should not miss the chance to visit Mizhhirya. Daily and weekly excursions, the prices of which will pleasantly surprise anyone, will bring a lot of positive emotions.