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Unusual excursions in Uzhgorod and its surroundings

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Start your walk around Uzhgorod with a visit to the waterfront, there are 6. From the center to one of them just a couple of minutes walk. There are several cozy cafes with delicious coffee, worth a stop and look around.

The temperature in Uzhgorod is now

5.8o C   |   42.4o F

Active rest in Uzhgorod

One of the most popular places in Transcarpathia – Uzhgorod. In the center of Uzhgorod there are places where you can see the mountains that surround Ungvar (the old name of Uzhgorod). There are beautiful streets, an old castle with its mysterious legends and cozy cafes. Every year many tourists come here for a fabulous photo shoot in the pink clouds of blooming sakura. Stroll along the waterfront, along the alley of lindens during their flowering, the incredible sweet aroma spreads throughout the waterfront. And of course the national dishes of Transcarpathian cuisine will be “loved” – as locals say, every guest of this cozy city. In the large Bozdos Park you can walk and admire the beautiful places, there in nature, you can find a place for a picnic.

Among all the destinations of Transcarpathia, Uzhgorod is one of the most popular. It combines cozy green streets, ancient legends, family cafes. Every year tourists come here to walk along the promenades, taste Carpathian dishes and spend time in nature. Go-To.Rest will help you plan a vacation in Uzhgorod, so as not to miss the most interesting and see the most important things. We will tell you about tours to Uzhgorod, attractions and important moments for the trip, so as not to miss or miss anything interesting.

Tours in Uzhgorod

voivodship waterfall
1 day (10 hours)
From 600 ₴
All tours in Uzhgorod

Tours save time and money. Holidays with children in Uzhgorod – also not a problem, the family package will provide a list of cafes with children’s rooms and entertainment areas where you can watch the kids and relax.

Our options are usually cheaper than finding housing and entertainment. Find affordable budget tours to Uzhgorod on the Go-To.Rest website. Here are the best options that will allow you to see not only the city but also the surrounding area. Go-to.Rest conducts interesting tours in Uzhgorod, introduces you to the traditions of a small town on the river Uzh, shows a view of the mountains and the city itself.

Excursions in Uzhgorod

It is better to visit museums, castles and cathedrals on excursions in the city of Uzhgorod: you will learn historically important facts, hear many interesting stories, legends, see many exhibits and learn about the features of the city. The guide will point out little-known routes, unpopular but noteworthy.

When choosing what to see in Uzhgorod, we recommend paying attention to local architecture. First of all, this:

– Uzhgorod Castle of the X century;
– Philharmonic – Uzhgorod synagogue;
– Cathedral of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross;
– Museum of folk architecture and life in the open air with traditional old Transcarpathian houses of different peoples, there you will learn about local applied arts.

Complement the tourist route in Uzhgorod with a visit to the Nevitsky Castle of the XIII century, 12 km from the city. The castle was built on top of a hill above the valley of the river Uzh, one of its towers, located on a dense forest hill – can be seen from the road.

More attractions of Uzhgorod.


Local experts and guides

Talk to locals, it will simplify the trip and save you money. A local expert will be able to tell you where to stay, in a hotel or in the private sector. You can learn about excursions and interesting places to see and visit. Well, the most delicious places in Uzhgorod
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Accommodation nearby

Лісовий готель «Тихий кут» у Гуті
6 Prykordonna St., Huta village
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готель ужгород
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Malokamyana street, 10, Uzhgorod
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from 1100 ₴/night
Кімната Гоголь 14
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від 999 ₴/ніч

What else to see in the city

«Світ Велетнів» в центрі Ужгорода
Uzhhorod, Bozdosh Park (Slovyanska naberezhna, 31)
+380 ....
Rope park
Uzhgorod, Park of Culture and Leisure Podzamkovy
+380 ....
Bicycle rental "Velofan" in Uzhgorod
Uzhgorod, 9B Generala Svobody Street
+380 ....
Bicycle rental Uzhgorod
Uzhgorod, st. Transcarpathian, 45
+380 ....

Inexpensive vacation in Uzhgorod is no less interesting. The city is beautiful in itself: just go to the center to see the ancient buildings and immerse yourself in history. Take a walk along the promenades, there are six of them! For the brave, you should cross the suspension bridge and get to Bozdos Park. The park is so large that visitors often take it for a forest. In autumn Uzhgorod is especially beautiful: the trees become crimson-yellow, there are trees painted completely crimson. Do not put it into words, you need to see it at least once. Embankments and the park are the best places to relax in Uzhgorod: many citizens on the waterfront are brisk walking, running, cycling, scooters, gyroscooters. More extreme types of recreation, on motorcycles, ATVs, are held in the park or in the woods on the outskirts of the city.


Interesting routes

The route section is constantly updated. It contains various routes in Uzhgorod and its environs, from pedestrian, bicycle to car.

All routes

Features of rest in the spring and summer

In the spring of April the first miracle blooms – magnolias, in almost every yard of a private house in the center there is this beautiful tree. In the second half of April, when the magnolia is still in bloom, sakura begins to bloom. And already at the beginning of summer the Linden Alley blooms and smells. A sweet walk of more than 2 km will be remembered for a long time.

In summer we recommend visiting the Uzhgorod Botanical Garden. In the garden there are about five thousand species of plants, including those known in Transcarpathia: Hungarian lilac, Carpathian cornflower and rare beauty – edelweiss flower. Botsad workers advise to come from June 10 to August 15, when everything is in full swing. But at other times of the year there is something to look at: landscaping is closely monitored.

If you like active recreation, go for ATV rides around. Forests and mountain roads are what you need to dissipate and recharge your batteries. Here we advise you to take a tour of the historic surroundings, which can not be reached without a guide.

Сакура в Ужгороді

Features of winter recreation


Winter in Uzhgorod is not a problem at all. It is usually quite warm with a positive temperature.

So you can safely go for a walk along the waterfront. Many birds can be seen on the river, mostly ducks and seagulls, but white swans also stay here for the winter.

All museums in Uzhgorod are quite close to each other, which is very convenient in winter. After a walk through the museums and the city, you can plan a trip to the thermal waters of Kosyno or cook in the tubs in Lumshory – this is the place where you want to return.

For the New Year holidays, houses for the New Year’s fair are brought to the center. Here you can drink hot mulled wine, buy wine, honey and other local products and buy Christmas souvenirs. And Christmas is a time of legends. It’s time to take a tour of the mystical places of Uzhgorod, to make the weekend mysterious and fabulous.

How to get to Uzhgorod

The cheapest way to come to Uzhgorod from Lviv is by train: it runs once a day. A train ticket is somewhat more expensive, they run several times a day. A night train runs from Kyiv, the journey takes 12-16 hours. Buses run, but they are not often chosen, since traveling with children along a mountain serpentine is not the best option.

Uzhgorod is a border town, so it is convenient to combine a trip here with a return from European countries. For example, the Slovak Kosice is about 100 km away – a few hours by bus.

Find yours transfer on this page.

Where to stay in Uzhgorod

If you want to save, look for hostels. Hospoda and City Hostel Panorama are located near the pedestrian bridge, in the heart. This is a good way to stay in a convenient place and spend less than 10 euros. Here the rooms are clean, the hosts are friendly, and guests are often pleasant. The big advantage is that most hostels have a kitchen, so you can cook yourself.

The small Boutique Hotel at 20 Novaka Street welcomes guests with pets and prepares breakfast. At Ungweiser on Kapushanska, you will find pleasant interiors with wooden furniture, and the owners keep a restaurant and a brewery in the same building.
Check out the information in our best catalog housing in Uzhgorod

Go to Uzhgorod to feel the spirit of Transcarpathia, learn its history and get a rare experience. Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of medieval legends – they will envelop the whole city. We love this city, its comfort and friendliness. Friendly guides-historians, of whom there are many in Uzhgorod, will help to feel the atmosphere. Even if you are not here for the first time, they will show the city from the other side.

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