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Mizhhirya is one of the main tourist centers of Transcarpathia. Every traveler will find well-organized ski complexes, excellent sanatoriums, comfortable hotels or eco-friendly camping sites here. And those who want to improve their health will choose any of the 53 explored sources of mineral water. According to scientific data, their composition even saves from radiation sickness. And in the warm season, active, green and hiking tourism is extremely developed in the area.


Temperature in Mizhhirya now:

20.0o C   |   68.0o F



Mizhhirshchyna is the former Mizhhirya district, and now the mountainous part of the expanded Khust district, located in the northeastern part of Transcarpathia, its area is 1,200 square kilometers. Until 1953, the district was called Volovsky Okrug.

The population is 52,500 people, 98% of whom are Ukrainians. Romanians, Hungarians, and Roma also live here. There are 44 settlements in Mizhhirshchyna (43 villages and urban-type settlements).
This area is rich in mineral waters of carbon dioxide-chlorcalcium type: 53 explored springs. The most famous of them are Soimivske, Vuchkovske, Kolochavske, Verkhnobystrianske, Kelechynske. The water of the latter is used to treat radiation sickness.

Mizhhirshchyna is rich in berries and mushrooms: 120 tons of Carpathian porcini mushrooms and 40 tons of berries are harvested here every year. Mizhhirya District is one of the most ecologically clean parts of Ukraine.

Connoisseurs of wild nature and wooden architecture will definitely like this region. Mountains and churches are the main tourist attractions of Mizhhirshchyna. In 34 out of 43 settlements there are wooden temples, both old and recently built. But “young” churches are also of interest, since even in the 20th century, churches were built here according to ancient traditions. There are also 27 wooden bell towers. There are many ancient temples in the valley of the Rypynka River, from Podobovets to the Diet.

A trip to the village of Mizhhirya

Until recently, the district center of Zakarpattia Oblast, and now just the village of Mizhhirya, is located in the middle of the Borzhavska Polonya at a distance of 154 kilometers from the regional center of the city Uzhhorod, between Kamyanka (1587 meters) and Kuk (1365 meters) mountains. From 1415 to 1953, Mizhhirya was called Volove. 9421 inhabitants live in Mizhhirya. The village is located in the Rika River valley. Motor roads run here Khust-Dolyna and Volovets-Mizhhirya. Distance to the nearest railway station Volovets – 32 kilometers.

Regarding the origin of the name of the village of Volove, there are two main legends. According to the first of them, in ancient times, the inhabitants of the villages on the site of Volovoy Soymy and Vuchkovo grazed oxen. First, they set up summer camps here, and later winter camps. That is how the village of Volove appeared. According to another legend, loggers were the first to appear on the site of present-day Mizhhirya, who were interested in the local coniferous forest, because deciduous trees grew downstream of the Rika River. Wood was delivered to the river through special wooden chutes called “valova”. It was from them that the name of the village of Volove came, and its first inhabitants were loggers.

The village of Volove has been known since the end of the 14th century. The first document in which Volove is mentioned as one of the possessions of the family of Hungarian feudal lords Urmezeev is dated 1415. Since 1947, Mizhhirya has been an urban-type settlement, a district center. In the 1980s, a timber processing plant, a factory of the “Electron” industrial association, an industrial plant, a food processing plant, 7 schools, professional technical and medical schools operated in Mizhhirya.

Today Mizhhirya is one of the tourist centers of the region. Hiking routes start here, there is an equipped ski track, sanatoriums, hotels, and camping sites operate here.

Подорож в селище Міжгір’я

Mizhhirya on the map

Our website presents information about the most interesting places in Mizhhirshchyna. All the most interesting routes flock here, so tourists do not have to be bored.

The service has convenient functions, which include:

  • detailed map of Mizhhirshchyna with convenient navigation;
  • description of notable places with illustrations;
  • laying the path to the required location;
  • proposals of experts on this tour;
  • quick printout.

A walk along Mizhhirya

It was already mentioned above about the numerous hiking routes that run through Transcarpathia, for which Ukraine is so famous. From this information, it becomes clear that Mizhhirshchyna has many different locations and points of interest that every tourist needs to see.


First of all, they include Synevyr Lake, which is rightfully nicknamed the “eye of the sea”. One should not neglect such a stunning chance to get acquainted with the poetic, romantic and mysterious nature that the Carpathians generously give to people. Whoever saw such a rare natural formation will never forget the feeling of inspiration, unity with the universe, freedom and strength.

водоспад Шипіт

Nearby is the Shipit waterfall, which should also be visited by everyone who came to Transcarpathia. Its ledges begin from an underground source located on the Borzhava plateau. The luxurious sight encourages admiration for nature, peace and relaxation. According to the legend, whoever has visited here at least once will want to return here for the rest of his life.

Реабілітаційний центр бурого ведмедя

Visits to the reserve for the rehabilitation of brown bears will not leave any child indifferent. Animals that suffered hardships found shelter and full of life under his roof. They will stay here until they are able to return to their natural habitat. The kennel accepts new animals that need a recovery period after contact with cruel people.

Мальовничі околиці Міжгір'я

Picturesque surroundings

Those who just want to walk around the neighborhood picking mushrooms and berries will have great pleasure.

Our website presents a guide to Mizhhirya with convenient tourist hiking routes throughout the region, which should be explored by following the link

What to see in Mizhhirya

There are many points of interest in the area. Most of them are natural wonders. For example, you cannot pass by the legendary 500-year-old oak, which grows in the very center of the region.

Mizhhirya also prepared man-made treasures for tourists. These include wooden churches located in almost all settlements. Moreover, some of them were built according to the canons of the old masters already in the 20th century. Bell towers made of wood are no less remarkable.

The Mizhhirya guide advises you to visit the unique Tereble-retsky hydroelectric power station, which stands on 2 rivers, between which an almost 4-kilometer tunnel stretches.

Very close is the Kolochava village museum, which includes 10 of the most interesting objects of folk architecture, a narrow gauge railway, Czech school institutions and other no less interesting locations. All of them are unique in their essence and therefore will be remembered forever.

There are 20 statues here, among which the most memorable are the monuments to soldiers, shepherds, teachers and workers.

Children will definitely like the Shwegan bird park with a collection of exotic birds and the “Shepherd School”, where everyone can imagine themselves as a shepherd.

Adults and younger generations will be interested in returning to the history of the past war represented by the Hungarian Arpad Line. It consists of several belts of concrete fortifications and various mechanical obstacles that pass along the borders of Mizhhirya, Transcarpathia and the surrounding areas.

There are many recreation centers in the region. Therefore, it will be easy for travelers to find accommodation in order to see all the sights located in the most popular destinations.

The most interesting locations

Теребле-Ріцька гідроелектростанція
On the territory of the Khust district of the Transcarpathian region, near the village of Vilshany, a fabulous picture of
Церква святого Миколая в селі Верхній Студений
The wooden church made of spruce beams, which has been preserved in Verkhniy Studenyi, is the most developed type of
Церква Благовіщення Пресвятої Богородиці в селі Нижній Студений
According to the Bible, in the spring of 7 April, the archangel Gabriel brought the good news that the Virgin
Церква Святого Архангела Михайла в селі Буковець
The church complex was built in 1808, as evidenced by the inscription carved on the door frame. The church is
Церква Введення Богородиці
The first written mentions of the village of Torun, Khust district, Zakarpattia region, can be found in documents of the
Дмитріївська церква
In the center of the village of Repynne, to the left of the road, you can see the silhouette of
Свято-Михайлівський храм
The most famous historical landmark of the village of Negrovets, Khust district, Zakarpattia region, is the wooden Michael Church with
One of the most interesting and attractive places for tourists in Transcarpathia is the magical high-mountainous Lake Synevyr. It is
Собор Святого Духа
The Church of the Descent of the Holy Spirit was built in the 18th century with elements of the Baroque
Етнографічний центр І. Ольбрахта
The ethnographic center of the famous Czech writer I. Olbracht, where he collected national material for his famous works, is
Скансен у Колочаві
First of all, you need to visit the village-museum of Kolochava, where 10 unique objects of cultural heritage with a
Реабілітаційний центр бурого ведмедя
Children should definitely visit the rehabilitation center for brown bears in the Synevyr National Nature Park. It is the only
Водоспад Шипот
A visit to the uniquely beautiful Shypit waterfall will be no less impressive. It originates from a deep underground spring,

Holidays in Mizhhirya

In the spring

Відпочинок в Міжгір'ї навесні

Eco tourism is extremely developed here. In May, you just have to see what is near the village Kolochava – one of the highest mountains of Ukraine, Strymbu, located on the slope of Pishkonya magical Lake Ozirtse.

And the one who got to Mizhhirya in the spring forgets everything in the world after seeing the purple saffron sea located in the valley.

Wooden temples especially attract the attention of tourists, the most notable of which are:

  1. The 18th century Gothic Dmytro Church built of spruce beams
  2. The cult building of Archangel Michael, decorated with extraordinary towers.
  3. Built according to the baroque canons Holy Spirit Cathedral.
  4. The largest church of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker.
  5. The oldest (17th century) and most perfect structure of the Introduction of the Blessed Virgin Mary with many artistic details, etc.

The museums of the village of Kolochava should be examined in as much detail as possible.

In summer

Відпочинок в Міжгір'ї влітку

In the hot season, the first priority for travelers is not even the question of what to see, but the best way to rest and regain strength.

4×4 tours are a great way to cheer up from gray everyday life and gain new experiences. Driving a jeep in off-road conditions leads to the release of adrenaline, but does not prevent you from admiring the majesty and beauty of the Carpathian Mountains.

A mountain bike allows you to truly feel the rest in the summer. A leisurely walk reveals the charm of nature and gives you the opportunity to test your stress resistance.

Western Ukraine has everything for hiking tourism. There is no problem where to go. The climate of Mizhhirya, especially on the eve of the onset of heat, gives hikers a health-giving, tonic and strengthening effect.

In autumn

Відпочинок в Міжгір'ї восени

At any time of the year, visiting the healing springs of Transcarpathia is an excellent type of recreation. Sights of Mizhhirya on the map will indicate the most attractive locations to enjoy their healing effects. Everything has been created here so that travelers appreciate a high level of comfort and service. Therefore, rejuvenating and healing mineral waters should be enjoyed by everyone.

Picking mushrooms in Mizhhirya in the fall allows tourists to feel invigorating notes, for which they do not have to buy tickets or stand in lines. In addition to the pleasure of a walk in the forest, everyone will be able to leisurely admire the beauty of nature and collect a new harvest for a delicious soup.

In winter

Відпочинок в Міжгір'ї взимку

Ski holidays in Mizhhirya in winter are wonderful. The tourist Pylypets complex is located in a valley at an altitude of about 800 m. It is famous for modern tracks that stretch for more than 20 km . Well-equipped routes of various degrees of difficulty await athletes and amateurs here. All slopes comply with international safety standards and are used for major competitions.
Excellent hotel complexes with extended infrastructure are at the service of travelers. They allow you to fully enjoy the beauty of nature and the fresh air of coniferous bushes.

Gastronomy in Mizhhirya

Mizhhirya, Zakarpattia Oblast and all of Ukraine as a whole are famous for their excellent cuisine. People come here to try the famous local dishes. Tourists get unprecedented pleasure from a delicious lunch and conversation in a calm environment.

They will not have to look for a place to eat for a long time. Excellent Transcarpathian wine bars, restaurants of Ukrainian cuisine with an inexpensive and nutritious menu, or cafes offering truly excellent local dishes are open to them.

And where exactly you should try delicious treats, we recommend that you read the review of the best cafes and restaurants of Mizhhirya.

Where to eat deliciously

Ресторан «Фортуна» (Міжгір'я)
30, Heorhiya Dobry str., Mizhhirya, Transcarpathian region, Ukraine
+380 ....
Готель-ресторан «Оріон»
St. Shevchenko, 90, town Mizhgirya, Khust district, Transcarpathian region, Ukraine, 90000
+380 ....
Spruce house
st. Turyanitsy, 6, town Mizhgirya, Khust district, Transcarpathian region, Ukraine, 90000
+380 ....
Restaurant Grunok (Under the waterfall)
Pylypets, 343-a, Khust district, Transcarpathian region, Ukraine, 90000
+380 ....
Restaurant brewery ZIP
st. Nezalezhnosti, 4, P21, town Mizhgirya, Khust district, Transcarpathian region, Ukraine, 90000
+380 ....
Trembita Restaurant in Mizhhiria
Khustska Street, 62A, town Mizhgirya, Khust district, Transcarpathian region, Ukraine, 90000
+380 ....
Restaurant of recreation center Kamyanka
Synevyr Pass, 1, town Mizhgirya, Khust district, Transcarpathian region, Ukraine, 90000
+380 ....

How to get to the city and where to stay?

A small problem is how to get to Mizhhirya. The nearest railway station is located in the village of Volovets. There is an airport only in Uzhhorod. Buses do not run very often.

In recent years, the condition of the road surface has improved, but not everywhere, and such things should be remembered if a tourist goes on the road in his own car.

If you think about how to get there comfortably, it is better to order a transfer.

However, upon arriving in Mizhhirshchyna, you won’t have to worry about how to relax with amenities. It is worth staying at the hotel with a garden “Kupetskii Dvir”, it is located on the territory of the Synevyr National Park, the recreation center “Kamyanka” or at the hotel “Guesthouse “Taya”” operating on a “bed and breakfast” basis.

Our review of the best establishments will tell you where it is better to comfortably spend the night.

Mizhhirya is an interesting and diverse tourist route. Therefore, every person should come here in any season. Here she will be met by impressive sights and a variety of picturesque nature. And learning the best points is better with Go-To.Rest!

Accommodation nearby

Готель «Shulc»
Mizhhirya, str. Kotlyarevsky, 4
+380 ....

from 900₴/night
Санаторій «Верховина»
Mizhhirsky district, village Soymy, 1
+380 ....

from 450 ₴/day
Restaurant and hotel complex "Orion"
st. Shevchenka, 90, Mizhgirya
+380 ....

from 650 ₴/night
Restaurant and hotel complex "Non stop"
st. Nezalezhnosti 63, town Mizhgirya
+380 ....
from 589 UAH/night
Hotel "Fortuna" in Mizhhiria
Mezhhirya, st. G. Dobry, 30
+380 ....

from 1045 ₴/night
Еко готель “Ізки”, Міжгір’я
village Izky, Khust district
+380 ....
from 1000 ₴/night
Ресторанно-готельний комплекс «Арніка», Міжгір’я
Synevyrska Polyana village, Krasnyi tract
+380 ....

from 1500

Tours and excursions

Озеро Синевир
12 hours
From 800 ₴
excursion to kolochava
1 day (14 hours)
From 850 ₴
nature synevir
14 hours
From 850 ₴
тур в закарпаття на вихідні
3 days / 2 nights
From 3691 ₴
тур в закарпаття
2 days / 1 night
From 2391 ₴

Popular questions

What to see in Mizhhiria?
It is recommended to start your journey through the former Mizhhirya and now Khust districts from the mineral springs in the villages of Soimy and Kelechyn, after which you should visit the village-museum of Kolochava and see the "Sea Eye of the Carpathians" - Synevyr.
Interesting places of Mizhhirya
It's hard to choose the most interesting place, but we recommend visiting Lake Synevyr, the skansen in Kolochava, the brown bear rehabilitation centre and the nearby Valley of Wolves ecopark, the Shipot waterfall and the Arpad Line Bunker.
Where to go in Mizhhirya in winter?
In winter, it is best to go to the popular ski resorts: Mizhhirya, Izky, Verkhniy Studeny.
Where to go in Mizhhirya in summer?
Mizhhirya is famous for its mineral waters: Borzhava, Kelechyn, Soymy. You can also go to the village-museum of Kolochava and to the high mountain lake Synevyr
How to get to Mizhhirya, Transcarpathia?
From Lviv, you need to turn towards Volovets, look on the map
What can be seen and where to go in Mizhhirya, Transcarpathia?
It is worth visiting the village of Kolochava, it has a lot of museums. There are old wooden churches, Synevyr park, bear rehabilitation center, Shipot waterfall and several mineral springs

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