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Private sector in Solochyn

Balneological Solochyn resort is a continuation of the beautiful nature of the Transcarpathian region. Its mineral waters have a pronounced healing effect on many diseases. Therefore, it becomes the basis for sanatoriums, that receive patients all year round.

The most popular among them is the local Luzhanska, which is produced by a factory nearby. It perfectly improves the health of people suffering from diseases of the excretory and digestive systems. That is why not all tourists want to stay in healthcare facilities. Many choose the private sector, and Solochyn always welcomes travellers.

Приватний сектор у Солочині

Private sector offers in Solochyn

This type of accommodation helps holidaymakers save a decent amount of money because they always manage to negotiate with the owner of the property about renting any area. People who stay in the village of Solochyn in the private sector always like the prices and living conditions.

The main advantage is that people cook their own food. It’s no secret that eating out is the main expense when travelling. Therefore, saving money makes it possible to spend the rest of the money on entertainment in the region with pleasure.

Many types of services are available to tourists in the private sector. They include:

  • household appliances;
  • shower;
  • playground for children;
  • microwave oven;
  • parking;
  • barbecue facilities;
  • garden;
  • modern television;
  • terrace;
  • Wi-Fi, etc..

That is why holidays in Solochyn, in the private sector, leave the best memories for holidaymakers.

Садиба «Європа» у Солочині
Solochyn village
+380 ....
from 750₴/night
Садиба "Августин" у Солочині
Solochyn village, 2A
+380 ....
from 750₴/night
Садиба «У Еріки»
Solochyn village, 266
+380 ....
from 350₴/night
Готель «У Макса»
Solochyn village, 290
+380 ....
from 450 ₴/day

All accommodation options on the map

What to do in Solochyn?

Holidaymakers come to the village to undergo a course of rehabilitation using local mineral waters.

In addition, they spend time on ski resorts with excellent ski lifts and trails for athletes of all skill levels.

People of retirement age walk along the river bank and mountain slopes or go on interesting excursions. Reviews of holidays here are always enthusiastic.

The temperature in Solochyn now:

22.5o C   |   72.5o F

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Where to eat?

Ресторан «Ельдорадо»
Bilasovitsa tract, 270/270a, village Solochyn
+380 ....
Cafe Elen
with. Solochyn, Transcarpathian region
+380 ....
Піцерія «Комора»
with. Solochyn, Transcarpathian region
+380 ....

What’s the best way to get to Solochyn?

The most convenient way to get to the village is by train. It will take you to Uzhgorod, Mukachevo or Svalyava. A large number of buses depart from these stations, which will quickly take holidaymakers to the resort.

🧡 A rest in the resort village of Solochyn will be one of the best and will be remembered for a lifetime!

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