Cafe in Mukachevo

Mukachevo is a tourist center, where huge flows of people who want to join its unique culture. But everyone needs to alternate visits to historical sites with lunch breaks.

In our catalog you can find the best restaurants in Mukachevo. We have selected the best offers of catering establishments with the largest number of positive reviews.

Each of them offers a wonderful range of drinks, a delicious menu and a special atmosphere. Therefore, if you need to find a place to eat in Mukachevo, our site will allow you to find it.

The temperature in Mukachevo is now

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The best cafes in Mukachevo

Mukachevo is famous for its cuisine with a huge variety of delicious dishes of Transcarpathia. There are both cafes where you want to run for a cup of coffee, and elite establishments, similar to museums, where tourists are not only delicious food, but also tell the story of the city.

The best restaurants in Mukachevo have been operating for a long time and offer the highest level of service and dishes prepared by culinary masters.

Features of Mukachevo cuisine

Transcarpathia united the culture of different peoples of Europe, each of which brought its own customs. Therefore, the local cuisine is very original, because it merged together the art of cooking:

  • Hungarians;
  • Germans;
  • Romanians;
  • Slovaks;
  • Ukrainians;
  • Czechs and others.

The most popular dishes offered by restaurants in Mukachevo are bograch, which is the crown of the Transcarpathian feast, Hungarian rich bean-levesh, corn tocan, steamed Czech dumplings and local wines. They combine culinary masterpieces from various European countries.
Tourists should not only find out where to eat in Mukachevo, but also try to try everything delicious. After all, the main feature of cafes and restaurants in the city is a historically determined fusion of traditions, which can not be ignored.

A variety of options

Restaurants and cafes in Mukachevo belong to different price categories and are able to satisfy the most meticulous advantages.
The city has concept bars, clubs and restaurants. There are also snack bars, where the traveler can have a cheap and hearty snack after a long day full of impressions. Some will be attracted by cafes designed for connoisseurs of the best wines, and some will like pubs, where you are invited to have fun in the student company.
Arriving on business, businessmen prefer to go to a good, comfortable and practical restaurant with a hearty menu. And young people traveling in Ukraine and Eastern Europe will gladly go to an inexpensive cafe to quench their hunger cheaply between tours.
The middle class will enjoy luxury restaurants, romantic couples will want to visit confectioneries, and family members will find a coffee shop with cakes.
They will all be satisfied. There are many places in Mukachevo, where everyone can eat deliciously.

Among them are:

  • Ung County is a restaurant stylized as a medieval inn. Traditional Transcarpathian dishes are prepared here. The building itself is interesting: in these cellars there was a beer hall in the 17th century. You can just come for a tour.
  • local cuisine establishments;
  • snack bars;
  • karaoke bar;
  • cafe;
  • confectionery;
  • pub;
  • pizzerias;
  • Italian restaurants;
  • steakhouses;
  • corners with Thai dishes, etc.

Recommendations of tourists

The best cafes and restaurants in the city include “Bograch”, which offers to enjoy food at a table on the street. For those who want to eat on a budget, but tasty, will open the doors of “Villa Del Re” or “Time Cafe”. Those who prefer to dine in a cozy atmosphere, extinguishes the “Millennium”. “Kozachok Mukachevo” is ready to pamper tourists with national color, and cafe “Eurasia” offers refined dishes of Japanese cuisine.

The city has catering outlets for all tastes, where everyone will eat deliciously and have a good time.

And in order to see the sights of Mukachevo, you need to visit the page where there are many interesting tours and excursions