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Spa hotels in the Carpathians are the most popular destination for tourists. Massage, mineral and thermal waters and other useful procedures have a pronounced healing effect on all body systems. They help to quickly and effectively improve a person’s well-being and lift his mood. A stay at the resort helps restore strength and provide a large flow of positive emotions.

СПА курорти Закарпаття

Spa in Transcarpathia

The spa primarily uses the healing properties of water. Of particular importance here is a set of natural factors shown to different people. This method of recovery includes the use of the beneficial effects of aromatherapy, a bath, a pool, hydromassage procedures, thalassotherapy, etc. Treatment with the help of mineral waters, medicinal plants and trace elements or special mud is mandatory.

The best spa hotels in Transcarpathia allow you to undergo a course of treatment that helps to activate blood circulation, as well as get rid of excess weight and cellulite.

It is of great importance to achieve complete muscle relaxation, skin rejuvenation and increase the general tone of the body.

Exposure to mineral and thermal waters helps in the prevention of seasonal infections, as well as lowers blood pressure and eliminates nervous tension.

Our site will tell you the best spa complexes in Transcarpathia. Many are sure that such a vacation is too expensive and therefore should be resorted to only on the special instructions of a doctor. However, every family will easily find a spa hotel that suits them at the price level and will take an excellent course of wellness treatments there.

Map of SPA resorts in Transcarpathia

Spa resorts of Transcarpathia

Spa resorts of Transcarpathia should be chosen because vacationers here are guaranteed the highest level of service and many natural healing factors. The main wealth of the region is his mineral waters with special healing properties.

The local climate is of particular importance. The mountains and wonderful ecology create a unique complex here, which provides a significant increase in immunity and improvement in the functioning of the nervous system.

The combination of such influences can work wonders for any disease. Therefore, a vacation spent in the Carpathians will remain a pleasant memory for a lifetime.

What is SPA and why is it needed?

Nowadays, many people prefer to spend their holidays with great health benefits. Ago spa hotels in Western Ukraine now very needed. A set of rare natural factors, in the center of which is hydrotherapy, has a health-improving effect on the human body. That is why the influx of travelers to Transcarpathia is increasing every year.

Hotels with a spa in the Carpathians are in extremely high demand these days, primarily because local mineral waters have a huge healing effect on the human body. They improve the condition of patients with various diseases and ailments. Therefore, there are elite expensive complexes and budget hotels available for many tourists. Understanding their features will help you choose the best option for everyone.


“Kosino” thermal waters

Spa vacation in Transcarpathia cannot be separated from treatment with local high-thermal waters. The liquid of a pleasant beige hue comes from underground sources. It warms up to more than 35 degrees and is supplied to the seven pools of the complex, accompanied by all possible services.

Термальні басейни "Жайворонок"

Thermal pools “Zhaivoronok”

Spa center у Berehovo is a more budget option than in Kosino. Local thermal springs are similar in their properties, but the price level here is much lower. Vacationers will be greeted by an indoor pool heated to 33 degrees, waterfalls, geyser, jacuzzi and massage.

Basic services are supplemented by:

  • baths;
  • great food in the restaurant;
  • excellent accommodation in tidy rooms;
  • salt cave;
  • a special wine hall;
  • beauty salon services, etc.

SPA-Resort «Voevodyno Resort»

The SPA-hotel will offer its guests luxurious swimming pools, a horse riding club, outdoor walks in Schönborn Park, well-organized saunas, various sports grounds, a fitness room equipped with all the necessary equipment, etc.

The amazing ecology of this place complements the healing effect with bamboo stick and Greek massage, stone therapy and wellness center services. And bathing in Carpathian vats and excellent Ukrainian cuisine will improve the well-being not only of the tourist’s soul, but also of his body.

Деренивская купель

Health resort “Derenivska Kupil”

Here, the main healing factor is a special healing water, which has long been famous throughout Europe. The well-organized pool and mineral liquid bath with the same name contribute to the rapid improvement of general tone and strengthening of the body’s defenses.

Taking a healing drink has a health-improving effect in many pathologies. To increase the general tone and improve the condition of the skin will also help:

  1. Bath.
  2. Ice spring.
  3. Roman baths.
  4. Sauna, etc.
Термальні басейни «Золота Гора»

Golden Mountain Hotel

Stay in Uzhhorod it will be possible to make it even more stunning if you stay in a high-class hotel surrounded by the luxurious Transcarpathian nature.

In the peace and comfort of the local atmosphere, guests will swim in warm pools and pamper themselves in the jacuzzi with thermal water heated to almost 39 degrees.

Environmentally clean air, a large number of forests and high-quality services will allow travelers to gain strength for the whole year.

Санаторій «Теплиця»

Sanatorium “Greenhouse”

The health resort is surrounded by mountains of volcanic origin near the settlement named Velatino.

Here vacationers will be offered barrels with therapeutic water, as well as 2 classic fresh and 2 highly mineralized thermal pools with a high content of bromine, iodine and chlorides.

local spa procedures have a therapeutic effect on the body in case of musculoskeletal disorders, disorders of nervous activity, endocrine dysfunctions and inflammatory processes in the respiratory system. A stay here is also indicated for patients with arthritis and osteochondrosis.



Lumshors offer their guests excellent hotels «Davir» and «At Tsimbor ». Staying in them is complemented by bathing in local vats, alternating with immersion in icy waters. The mineral water in the boilers is heated over an open fire and visitors to the complex steam until the pores are fully opened and all harmful substances are released. The temperature rises to almost 45 degrees, and then the contrast procedure further enhances the effect, helping to increase the body’s resistance.


Here are the healing springs of the most popular waters, known since the 19th century. Therefore, the area is full of various sanatoriums, where there are many spa options. They mainly specialize in improving the health of patients suffering from diseases of the digestive system.

Additional services of local hotels are simply unattainable. And long walks in the bosom of picturesque landscapes, visiting a nature reserve and an attractive price policy make the region extremely popular among tourists.



A system of lakes is located here, the mineralization of salts in which can be compared with the waters of the Dead Sea. The Romanian border is nearby, which increases the possibilities of educational tourism in the region.
This territory has long had sanatoriums for treatment with mineral substances, which are especially useful for diseases of the respiratory system.
Deep salt caves with a particularly clean atmosphere also have a great health-improving effect. A stay here is also indicated for allergies, diseases of the musculoskeletal system and skin pathologies.

Tours and excursions

тур в закарпаття
2 days / 1 night
From 2391 ₴
ужгород в сакурах
2 days / 1 night
From 1571 ₴

What is a SPA?
SPA or SPA is the use of medical procedures using water, healing mud and plants, as well as mineral substances. Translated from Latin, the term means health with the help of water, because similar procedures were known even in antiquity.
What are the types of SPA?
In Transcarpathia, baths with medicinal plants, mud and paraffin, body wraps, steam baths, mineral water intake, stone massage, thermal procedures and beautician services are most often offered.
What benefits can SPA procedures bring to a person?
Cosmetic procedures help to improve skin condition, wraps get rid of cellulite, mineral waters improve the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract, dirt gets rid of osteochondrosis, and baths and jacuzzis improve the condition of the nervous system.
What should be done before undergoing SPA procedures?
Before the session, it is better not to overeat and drink alcohol. It is advisable to wash the skin well and remove all jewelry so that they do not get lost. It is also better to use different cosmetic compositions.
What is the therapeutic effect of the SPA course in Transcarpathia?
After resting in local hotels, people note that they stopped getting respiratory infections. They feel more energetic and their appetite improves. The skin becomes more beautiful and wrinkles disappear. At the same time, the joints stop bothering and sleep improves.