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We welcome all outdoor enthusiasts to our website! Winter is coming soon, and with its arrival, many tourists and travellers are attracted by snow-capped mountains, steep slopes where you can ski or snowboard, the landscape of the virgin winter forest, and a unique winter fairy tale that is possible only in the Carpathians. So, if you dream of spending your winter holidays, weekends or holidays skiing in the mountains covered with snow, then the Carpathian ski slopes are at your service! We will tell you everything about ski tourism, resort towns and skiing routes so that you can choose the best resort for yourself, as this is the key to a successful and unforgettable holiday. We will also tell you which slopes are suitable for beginners, intermediate skiers and professionals.

Гірськолижні курорти України

Ski resorts in Ukraine and Transcarpathia

It is important to choose the right track for yourself, because if you are a beginner or just dreaming of learning to ski, then a steep slope will not suit you, it will be appropriate to choose a short track that is equipped with a cable car and does not have hills and turns. We strongly advise you to choose an instructor for safe skiing. He will teach you how to ski properly and will be able to provide you with insurance. And if you are not the first to choose the Carpathians for a winter holiday and are confident on skis, you can choose more difficult intermediate level trails or those for professionals.

Map of ski resorts in Transcarpathia

How to choose the best resort for yourself

Choosing the perfect resort is the key to a good and unforgettable holiday. We encourage you to read our article about all the most popular ski resorts. We have described each resort in detail. You should also take into account your financial situation, as some resorts are very expensive, while others are cheaper, but the experience there is almost as good as in expensive resorts. Before you go, you can check out the amount of snow at your chosen holiday destination and the number of people there on webcams.



Bukovel is the most famous ski resort in Ukraine, and it is also known far beyond the borders of our country. And every year its popularity grows, and the resort itself develops and expands. It is located near the village of Polyanytsia and covers five mountains: Bulchynokha, Chorna Kleva, Babyn Pogar, Dovha and Bukovel. There is really a lot to do here: ski school, drag lifts, ski jumping, bicycle park, snow park, many trails of varying difficulty, balneological treatment, sports competitions, and a break from the fast pace of the city.

The slopes are illuminated, so you can ride even at night! No matter what time of year it is – summer or winter – there is entertainment for both adults and children. Snow falls in the mountains of Bukovel in November and stays until April.

Given that the resort is the most famous, your holiday will hit you in the pocket, but it will be worth it! You can stay both in hotels and tourist bases, and in the private sector (it will be much cheaper).



It is the highest ski base in Ukraine (1400 m above sea level). The ski season starts in November and ends in May. The total length of all trails is more than 10 km. There is a ski school in Dragobrat with experienced instructors who can quickly teach even a person who has never even been on skis in their life. You can also go snowboarding, freestyle and other winter sports here. The resort is equipped with drag and chair lifts, professional slopes, and places where you can rent any ski equipment.

The disadvantage is that the slopes are not equipped with lighting, so it is impossible to organise night skiing in Dragobrat. This resort is considered one of the most expensive. Nevertheless, if you decide to come here, you will not regret it! The hospitality of the staff, the coniferous Carpathian forests and the sea of snow will make your holiday unforgettable!

There are many hotels in Dragobrat, but you can rent a house or room in the villages nearby – Kvasy, Lazeshchyna, Yasinya. You can get to Yasinya by bus or train. If you are going to drive your own car, remember that it is possible to drive here only in a car with good cross-country ability.



A well-known resort in the Lviv region, where thousands of people spend their ski holidays every season skiing, sledging and using other equipment. There are many reasons to visit this particular resort: there are single or double chair lifts; slopes of different levels; a children’s ski lift; a cable car to the mountain; mountains for skiing – Trostyan, Pohar, Menchil, Kremin and Vysokyi Verkh (Zakhar Berkut). And from the top of Mount Trostyan you can enjoy a beautiful view of Slavsko.

Skiing is not the only thing Slavsko has to offer. Here you can ride horses, go on horse-drawn carriages, take part in various excursions and much more. You will definitely not be bored in Slavskо!

For accommodation, you can choose Zerban, Dzvinka, Smerekova Hata hotels or rent a house in the private sector. You can get here by any means, because Slavskо has a well-developed transport infrastructure.

Курорт Захар Беркут

Zakhar Berkut

Ski resorts in Transcarpathia are the best places to relax your body and soul! The Zakhar Berkut resort is one of the best ski resorts that can offer everything you need for active recreation. It has 9 kilometres of slopes of different levels (easy – blue, medium – red and difficult – black), as well as a chair lift (the longest in Ukraine) and a rope tow lift, and a children’s multilift. The mountains Vysokyi Verkh and Zvorets are used for skiing. Zakhar Berkut is located in the heart of the Carpathians near the village of Slavsko.

Accommodation services will be offered by the Vysokyi Verkhovyk Kolyba, Zakhar Berkut Hotel and others. You can easily get there by train, bus or car.

Курорт Плай


Plai is a resort in the village of Plavie, Lviv region, near the Kyiv-Chop highway. It is rapidly gaining popularity among tourists and is developing at lightning speed. The ski season lasts from November to March. The ski slopes have steep slopes that turn into gentle slopes. The resort is located in the mountains at an altitude of 600 metres above sea level. The highest lift station is at an altitude of 1600 metres and offers a beautiful view.

Here you can find sports, entertainment and spa facilities, restaurants, a children’s lift, 6 slopes (red, blue and black), many hotels and a ski school.

Звенів (Орявчик)

Zveniv (Oryavchyk)

The resort is located in the protected area of the Carpathians, namely in the Tysovets tract at an altitude of 900 metres above sea level. This resort is mainly chosen by beginners because of its comfortable and well-equipped slopes, but professionals can also find something to do here. There are five pistes (two of them for beginners) and three drag lifts. There is also a first aid post, restaurant, swimming pool, quad biking, sledding and a separate snow tubing track.

You can stay in campsites, hotels and the private sector. It is even easier to get there by train or by car by driving along the Kyiv-Chop highway.

Гірськолижний курорт Красія

Krasiya ski resort

The resort has been known since the Soviet era. Once upon a time, tourists from all over the world came to the Lokomotiv base. It is located in the village of Vyshka in Transcarpathia, namely on Mount Krasiya. The resort is known for hosting the Ukrainian skiing championships. After all, all the tracks here have the appropriate certificates and are in no way inferior to European tracks. It has the longest downhill run in Ukraine – 3.5 kilometres – and eleven slopes, including a separate toboggan run.

“Krasiya is equipped with three drag lifts and three chair lifts. If you are looking for cheap ski resorts, you definitely need to come here! After all, the prices here are much lower than in Bukovel or Dragobrat. You can also go on excursions, ride horses, take a steam bath and swim in the healing vats of the village of Lumshory.

Курорт Пилипець


The ski resorts of the Carpathians are striking in their beauty and diversity, and the Pylypets resort is generally considered the pearl of Transcarpathia. Pylypets is located near the Zhyd-Magura and Hymba mountains. In winter, it can be very cold here – it reaches -30°C. There are different trails at the resort: there are difficult ones – steep and hilly, and there are easy and gentle ones. The total length of all the trails is more than 20 kilometres. There are lifts for every taste: 1 chair lift, 4 drag lifts and a multi-lift. Pylypets is attractive because there is a ski school, excursions on quad bikes, off-road vehicles, snowmobiles, you can visit the Museum of Wooden Churches and many other interesting activities.

The good news is that despite the increase in holidaymakers each season, prices at Pylypets remain low. There is also plenty of accommodation here. Many estates, hotels and bases will be happy to accommodate you. You can get there first by bus or train to Volovets, then by bus or taxi to Pylypets.

Еко-курорт Ізки

Izky eco-resort

The eco-resort is located in the village of Izky in the former Mizhhirya and now Khust districts, just behind the village of Pylypets. The slopes are located on Mount Magura, and you can also move from it to Mount Gymba (Pylypets resort). “Izki began to gain popularity not too long ago. Due to the fact that the slopes at the resort are of easy and medium difficulty, families with children come here for active family holidays. “Izky is one of the best places to go sledding, as the resort has a separate slope for this purpose.

There are two rope tows and one two-chair lift, snow cannons, shops, a first aid post and more. You can also go quad biking, snowmobiling, to the spa, horseback riding, speedriding or freeriding, and children can go to the ice rink. You can get here from Volovets or Mizhhiria. You can stay at the Izky Hotel, the SPA-house cottage and the Rivers Manor.



The resort is one of the top “best ski resorts in Transcarpathia”. Long, high-speed slopes have long attracted skiers and other winter sports enthusiasts from all over the country. The Podobovets resort has many advantages: slopes of different levels of difficulty and length, the ability to quickly move to the neighbouring Pylypets resort, off-piste skiing, illuminated slopes (for night skiing), instructors and many other amenities.

The Podobovets 2000 hotel, Dva Braty cottage and other cottages are already waiting for you! Arriving here, you will be pleasantly surprised by the prices, enchanted by the views, and the staff will make your holiday unforgettable.

Гірськолижний курорт Синяк


The resort is located in the village of Synyak, not far from Mukachevo, at about 500 metres above sea level. All the slopes (there are three of them) are flat, with almost no steep descents and no bumps. They are groomed with snow groomers and other special equipment. The resort is equipped with two drag lifts and a multi-lift for children. If you don’t know how to ski, you can use the services of a school where instructors will teach you how to ski and snowboard. And if you have forgotten or do not have sports equipment for skiing, it does not matter.

There are three locations where you can rent everything you need. There are also many options for accommodation: from the private sector to various hotels. The best way to get there is by bus or taxi from Mukachevo.



Holubyne is located not far from Svalyava and is surrounded by mountains on all sides. Skiing here is said to be incredibly enjoyable. The skiing season begins in December and lasts until spring. The slopes are mostly of an intermediate level. There are also two drag lifts. You can check in at the Kvitka Polonyny complex or take advantage of a cheaper option and rent a room or house in the neighbouring village of Solochyn. The easiest way to get there is by taxi from Svalyava.

Курорт Ведмежа Гора

Vedmezha Hora

The Vedmezha Hora Resort is located near the village of Polyana. This resort is designed for families with children and beginners. You can go skiing here from mid-December until spring. The three slopes (1 red and 2 blue) are constantly groomed and are therefore ready for use every day, regardless of weather conditions. The resort has two drag lifts and one multi-lift to serve its guests. All ski equipment at the resort can be rented.

There is also a ski school. And there is no shortage of entertainment for children: tubing, sledging, and more. It is not a problem to rent accommodation at Vedmezha Hora. There are hotels, houses and estates of different price categories. You can get there from the city of Svalyava.

Гірськолижний курорт Воєводино


This complex is located next to the village of Turya Pasika, far from the roads, which makes it a very cosy place. There are two slopes for outdoor enthusiasts: the first one is 900 m of intermediate level, and the other is for children (both have night lighting). The resort also has a drag lift for adults, a children’s lift, a ski school, sports equipment rental and lots and lots of entertainment. There are many hotels in the complex, and the private sector in the village of Turya Pasika offers much cheaper accommodation.

Гірськолижний курорт Жденієво


A great place for skiing in the Carpathians. It is located at the foot of the Beskid mountain range, namely on Mount Pikuy. The season starts in December. A single but well-equipped track (800 m) is ideal for beginners. There is a multi-lift that takes you to a height of 110 metres and a drag lift to a height of 700 metres. There is a lot of entertainment for holidaymakers: swimming pools, sledges, quad bikes, a skating rink, snowmobiles, etc. For accommodation, you can choose hotels, mini-hotels or rent accommodation from the local population.

Гірськолижний курорт Воловець


The resort is located on Mount Plai. The resort has two easy slopes for beginners, a chair lift and a drag lift. The complex also offers equipment rental, a ski school, horseback riding, excursions, baths, vats, saunas and snowmobiles. There are many other ski resorts nearby that can be reached quickly. Holidaymakers mostly stay in the private sector, but there are also hotels on the territory.



A ski complex located not far from Uzhgorod (only 40 km away). The population of Novoselytsia is considered the most hospitable in Transcarpathia. The slopes are very gentle, comfortable, and of an average level. Austrian ski lifts are available on the territory of the resort. This resort is very cheap and cosy. And the entertainment that will be offered here can be enough for two holidays! You can check into a sanatorium, cottages and hotels.

Tours and excursions

тур в закарпаття
2 days / 1 night
From 2391 ₴
ужгород в сакурах
2 days / 1 night
From 1571 ₴

Where to go skiing in Ukraine?
There are many steep and modern ski resorts in Ukraine that offer holidaymakers equipped and comfortable trails of varying difficulty levels. In our article, we have reviewed the most popular ski resorts, indicated where to go snowboarding, where to go for a professional, and where to go for a couple with children.
How to choose the right track for skiing?
You should choose a skiing track based on your skiing or other sports equipment skills. If you have never skied before or the last time you went skiing was in the seventh grade, you should choose a beginner's course, preferably with an instructor. Such trails have gentle slopes and are designed for people who are not good at skiing. If you have been coming to the ski resort for several years, you can choose more difficult options.
What do you need to take with you?
The most important thing to bring is a good mood. Then the equipment you want to ride. But if you don't have it, each resort has rental shops where you can get everything you need.
What else can you do at the resorts besides skiing?
Winter resorts offer an endless amount of fun for children and adults alike. Horseback riding, sightseeing tours, walks in the woods, enjoying mountain views and piney fresh air, water treatment, or you can simply enjoy the views of snow-capped mountains and forests using the ski lifts. Transcarpathia is the best place in the world to relax!