Thermal waters of Kosino – royal rest

Among the interesting places in Transcarpathia, which are remembered primarily by tourists, one of the main visiting cards is the thermal waters of Beregovshchina. This region is very rich in these healthy resources. Geologists have proved that in almost the entire surface of the Beregovsky District, at a depth of 880 meters, there is a real underground thermal sea, which breaks through to the earth’s surface with springs with a water temperature of up to 80 degrees Celsius. Almost all of the 1000 springs found on the territory of Beregovshchina are siliceous thermal springs. More than 50 wells operate here and four large sources of thermal waters have been developed: Beregovskoe, Kosonskoe, Ivanovskoe and Borzhavskoe. The most famous of them is Kosonskoe.

The water in the health and recreation complex “Thermal Waters Kosino” is unique in composition not only in Ukraine, but also in Europe. According to its composition, it is classified as high-thermal sodium chloride waters of medium mineralization (analogous to the water of Hajduszoboszlo, Hungary). Healing water rises from one of the three currently operating wells in Transcarpathia, called 16 tons. The depth of the well is 1190 meters underground. The water reaches the surface at a temperature of about 55°C, cools down to 41°C and is supplied to the pools.

Relaxation on thermal waters in Kosino

This place, just a few months after opening, created a tourist boom here. Pools “Thermal waters Kosino” – a complex of pools with thermal water of different temperatures. The water in them is unique in composition and chemical properties. But, the landscape around the pools looks especially impressive, because they are located among the oak grove, and it seems that you are in a deep forest. All pools are surrounded by comfortable paths, sun loungers, swings, and equipped with numerous fountains, underwater geysers and railings. The pools are also suitable for people with disabilities. The complex also includes:

  • “Royal Hall” (there is a pump room with mineral water, the hall is decorated with busts of Hungarian kings and a throne. Here you can consult a doctor and relax on heated benches)
  • Finnish sauna; – recreation room – a recreational area with sun loungers and a tea room;
  • “Charda” – a restaurant that serves Hungarian and Transcarpathian dishes. On the territory of the complex, during the warm season, there are water football, 3 slides, an extreme park, volleyball and badminton.

The service here is of the European level: from the staff to the amenities. Especially convenient is the system with cabinets and numbered rubber bracelets, which allow you to open and close your locker using a magnet built into the bracelet. On the street there is a playground, sun loungers and tables, there is a large parking lot.

Every month, the popularity of swimming pools in Kosino is growing more and more, and this is not at all surprising, because swimming in warm thermal water is relevant at any time of the year, in any weather. Tourists are attracted by the beauty of nature, fresh air and the opportunity to relax for the benefit of their body. Swimming pools filled with water rich in iron, sodium, potassium, iodine and other beneficial trace elements. They are equipped with several fountains, under which it is so pleasant to stand while enjoying the water falling on your shoulder or back, as well as underwater massage and jacuzzi. Bathing in such water helps to treat the musculoskeletal system, rheumatism, arthritis, sciatica and is a prophylaxis for many other diseases. Naturally, after several bathing sessions, the body becomes stronger and immunity rises. In its composition, this water is slightly different from the water in the Beregovo basin, but its healing properties are no less. Whichever pool you choose, in Beregovo or Kosino, the main thing is to go in a good mood and a desire to have a great time, then the rest will turn out to be fun, wellness and simply wonderful!

Royal bath complex “Thermal waters of Kosino”

On July 19, 2014 in the “thermal waters of Kosino” the royal bath complex was opened, which consists of 7 unique saunas, which have no analogues in Ukraine. Each of them has its own exceptional properties that will immerse their visitors in an unrivaled world of wellness. The traditions of couples differ not only in the geography of origin, but also in the physics of the process. In addition, for each species, a huge number of traditions and rules, legends and recipes have been fixed, aimed at one thing: to bring healing to the body, and peace to the soul. The main factor of influence in the sauna is heat, which acts in a complex, practically on all organs and systems of the body. Long-term heating expands large vessels and capillaries, which leads to activation of blood circulation and intensive removal of toxins from the body. With a systematic visit to the sauna, the body is accustomed to changes in atmospheric pressure and temperature, thereby relieving people of headaches and colds. Expansion of blood vessels in a steam room and a sharp narrowing occurs first when heated in a sauna, alternating with swimming in a cold pool or diving into the snow. Sauna also has a beneficial effect on the musculoskeletal system by deeply warming up and relaxing muscles that are in constant tension in everyday life. Therefore, the sauna is especially popular among athletes, after hard matches or before them.

Eucalyptus sauna

Eucalyptus is an excellent antiseptic that kills bacteria. When the miraculous aroma of eucalyptus enters, after four to five minutes a person feels freedom of breathing and feels a surge of strength and energy.

As soon as the air saturated with eucalyptus enters the lungs, the healing effect begins instantly, transmitting its healing and healing power through the circulatory system throughout the body. This sauna is designed to warm up the body, it has a positive effect on the upper respiratory tract, colds, stimulates the immune system, helps to quickly recover from stress or illness, saturates with energy. Temperature 40°C. Air humidity about 20%. Recommended residence time: 15 min.

Salt fox hole

Salt saunas are in great demand these days, combining the climate of salt mines and the warmth of steam rooms, thereby creating the effect of being at the sea. The walls of the steam room are made of salt blocks that create a natural climate. Thanks to salt procedures, you can strengthen the immune system, get a boost of vivacity and cure colds. In terms of its composition, salt is the closest to human blood plasma; it contains more than 65 trace elements necessary for the human body. Also, inhalation of salt vapors prevents the development of hypertension and allergies; stabilizes the psychological state, promotes skin rejuvenation, eliminates chronic fatigue syndrome. With the help of heating, the saline air constantly circulates, the salt saturates the skin with nutrients, gives it elasticity, makes it silky, slows down the aging process, eliminates cellulite. Natural cleansing of the skin pores occurs. Temperature: 35-45°C. Humidity: 20-30%. Recommended residence time: 20-30 min.

Herbal sauna

Today, a herbal sauna is a combination of ancient traditions and modern technologies. Healing herbs have all the beneficial properties that have a positive effect on the nervous system, activate the body as a whole. Steam is created when dry and fresh herbs, herbal oils are brewed, which then enter the steam room through special channels. Fragrant steam optimizes blood and lymph circulation, cleanses pores, removes toxins and toxins from the body. A visit to the herbal sauna has a beneficial effect on the skin and hair, respiratory organs, pains and muscle spasms disappear, and blood circulation improves and a moderate cardio load is created. The aroma of mountain herbs promotes overall relaxation of the body and improves sleep. Stay alternates with a cool shower or pool. In a herbal sauna, the air temperature is slightly lower than a conventional dry sauna.

Temperature: 45-55°C. Air humidity: 50-60%. Recommended residence time: 5-10 min.

Roman sauna

The Roman sauna is a steam room with a special microclimate, relatively high air humidity, about 100%. The history of Roman saunas begins before our era, they immediately became the center of the cultural life of the entire Roman people. Probably, it is this type of saunas that is the most ambitious for mass visits, the luxury of which could not be surpassed by any type of steam room. Also Roman saunas are called thermal baths and this is not just that, because they were built at the source with thermal waters. Baths were a luxury of the Roman Empire. Today, keeping all the traditions of the Roman people and using new advances in science and technology, Roman baths are more effective. To create the microclimate of the steam room, modern equipment is used, electric steam generators and aroma-phytogenerators (essential oils of eucalyptus and mint are used).

This type of steam room has a positive effect on the endocrine and cardiovascular systems, it warms up joints and muscles well. It is recommended to do a light and slow warm-up before the first activity. The wet steam in the Roman sauna enters through a special pipe system and through a bowl of water, which is constantly renewed. All surfaces, according to ancient traditions, are laid with mosaics or tiles. After the steam slowly settles on the body, it warms up and relaxes all muscles, restores vigor and performance, heals diseases associated with breathing, removes toxins and toxins that have accumulated during the stress of city life. The skin saturated with moisture acquires a healthy color, firmness and freshness, smoothes, becomes velvety and soft. After a visit to the Roman bath, beauty treatments give excellent results. Only at this temperature is it possible to cleanse the body from the inside, since such a thermal regime creates optimal conditions for opening the pores, thereby leaving all the harmful substances that are in the body.

Temperature: 45-65°C. Air humidity: 100%. Recommended time: no more than 15 minutes in three runs.

Turkish sauna (hammam)

The Turkish sauna (hamam) is not just a steam room, but a whole direction of oriental culture, this place was considered a cult place! Hamam primarily relaxes the body, thereby calming the nervous system. After visiting the steam room, sleep is stabilized, migraines disappear and the state of the body is completely improved. This type of steam room restores breathing, improves blood circulation, treats various skin diseases, and relieves excess weight. It should also be noted that the Turkish sauna easily, gently and deeply warms up the joints and muscles, thereby improving the condition after physical exertion and has a positive effect on recovery from injuries, as it relieves pain spasm. Each visitor will be able to feel harmony and a surge of energy, with a combination of pleasant warmth, foam, moisture and odors. According to oriental traditions, the procedure is long, varied, but very pleasant. First, you need to warm up for 15-20 minutes, sitting and doused with hot water, then you should do a special massage, which, by rubbing with a hard mitten, removes the keratinized skin particles. This is followed by a lathering procedure, as well as a new series of massage in soap suds, applying healing masks and drinking special herbal teas. All these procedures in combination give a feeling of unsurpassed bliss.

The temperature in the hamam is maintained by heated marble walls and floors. However, the high temperature is not felt because it is considered to be quite mild in effect. Temperature 40-50°C. Humidity: 80-95%. Recommended time: 10-20 minutes.

Hungarian sauna

Sauna is an effective way of cleansing and healing the body, with the help of which a person not only relaxes, but also regains lost strength and energy. Dry sauna is beneficial for people suffering from diseases such as diabetes, high cholesterol or high blood pressure. It is also worth noting the positive effect of the sauna on people with chronic respiratory diseases, since the hot air of the steam room is good for removing phlegm from the lungs. The highlight of the Hungarian sauna is the original stove, in which hot stones are placed in a bucket, which are dropped into a barrel of beer every 5 minutes, filling the sauna with a pleasant aroma of bread and hops, mentally transferring visitors to an old rural hut.

Ice cave

Cooling down after hot saunas in an ice cave, where visitors can feel real frosty freshness in sub-zero temperatures. The north wind and unique winter landscapes that are broadcast in the ice cave will take everyone to the kingdom of winter. Bath – a panacea for all misfortunes and diseases! Relaxation in the sauna stimulates the spirit, intellect and vitality of each individual and society as a whole.

Thermal pool “Golden tap of health”

The visiting card of the health and recreation complex “Thermal Waters Kosino” is the “Golden Tap of Health” and four Jacuzzi pools. The unique, almost 16-meter fountain-pool was built for over a year. This “Golden Crane of Health” is the highest in Ukraine. There are similar attractions only in Belgium, Spain, Switzerland, USA. The fountain has already been called an illusion, because from afar it seems as if a giant crane just hung in the air! The golden faucet is surrounded by 4 jacuzzi fountains with huge homemade constructions, from where healing thermal water is supplied to the pools. This is a 5-meter glass of beer and a 5.3-meter bottle of wine, a 3-meter flask of palinka and a cup of coffee.

The Kosonsky pools and saunas are included in the National Register of Records of Ukraine, and experts say: there has never been such a unique record in the country. Therefore, do not miss the chance to feel the healing effect of the thermal waters of Kosino and swim in the miraculous record-breaking pools!